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Tolah Ornottolah
America’s Test Kitchen recently did a revue of fish sauce. Love your recipes.
Comment from : Tolah Ornottolah

Megan Hoggard
I like her laid back presenting vibe. And how she can own up to little mistakes and make fun of herself.
Comment from : Megan Hoggard

Justin Min
I love her fancy but lazy and easy recipes
Comment from : Justin Min

Comment from : Kate

I love her sparkling personality and her dishes....she’s like your cool friend..her Chicken Confit dish and Chickpea stew are delicious..easy to make also!
Comment from : Zina

Fatima Zeba
I love this dish. I have cooked it twice and my husband and I love it!!! Alison you are the BOMB!!! :)
Comment from : Fatima Zeba

Chewlie mukbangs
I love her and she and her husband are so cute together too!
Comment from : Chewlie mukbangs

Crushi .Music, Art & Love.
I am astonished at how much of Alison Roman's opinions and philosophies I agree with. Thank you for producing and sharing.
Comment from : Crushi .Music, Art & Love.

Crushi .Music, Art & Love.
I am so excited to learn and watch this. Alison Roman is amazing! Thank you for producing and sharing!
Comment from : Crushi .Music, Art & Love.

sean fields
I am surprised there aren’t more views... she is a compelling personality
Comment from : sean fields

Hi Alison! In the south of India there is a state called Kerala ehere the food is absolutely fabulous. Where I'm from,we mostly eat vegetarian. We start a lot of the dishes with shallots (real tiny ones in india) sauteed in coconut oil and crushed red pepper. The veggies are either precooked and added or cooked in the same pan with the shallots. The results are absolutely delicious. It's done with gren beans, or yam or anything under the sun really. You don't need a lot of oil with this method
Comment from : blueskythinking83

Just discovered her a few days ago. Can't get enough of personality and cooking. Love her!!!
Comment from : ROY BATTY 1312

Kristen Berry
More Alison videos please! Love her!
Comment from : Kristen Berry

Sandra Sallin
How do you keep your nail polish from chipping when you cook? Also what color lipstick are you wearing?
Comment from : Sandra Sallin

huge Alison Roman fan! Your books on on my christmas list!
Comment from : hamburger1

Elusive Creature
She is really likeable! I love Alison! More more more!
Comment from : Elusive Creature

Where is the divided salt container from?
Comment from : bridgiemon

J Carver
She left her knife skills at home!
Comment from : J Carver

Parker Wimberly
So here the problem. You can barely hear the audience so you can’t tell if any of her jokes land which makes it awkward.
Comment from : Parker Wimberly

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