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Billionaire Art
Hey Friends If you want that I will make another video on the topic of Color Mixing in a wide range like more than 200 colors then Say "YES" in a comment box.
Comment from : Billionaire Art

Bunny Kumar
Comment from : Bunny Kumar

Tunu Tutu
Blake ka dikhao
Comment from : Tunu Tutu

Tunu Tutu
Appke pass book he ky bro
Comment from : Tunu Tutu

Arslan Alam
How to make yellow color
Comment from : Arslan Alam

Александр Олейников
Pink,Blue make Move?
Comment from : Александр Олейников

Uma Srivastava
Blue colour kaise banaye jate hain
Comment from : Uma Srivastava

radha saini
very nice but were is the blue colour
Comment from : radha saini

Veronica Logotheti
Thank you
Comment from : Veronica Logotheti

Kaung Myat Thu
Brown + white ???
Comment from : Kaung Myat Thu

Mukesh Kumar
How to make in red in color
Comment from : Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh Kumar
How make red
Comment from : Mukesh Kumar

Aushi Singh
Comment from : Aushi Singh

akhilesh kumar Paswan
मेंहदी कलर बनाए तो जाने ।
Comment from : akhilesh kumar Paswan

Santosh Kumar
Nice bro😀😀
Comment from : Santosh Kumar

Yusuf Islam mutaqin
Comment from : Yusuf Islam mutaqin

Sanjna Kohli
How to make red color??
Comment from : Sanjna Kohli

Yellow and blue is lite blue 🤬
Comment from : Unsreal

Not working 😡 😭
Comment from : Unsreal

Soro Magar
Yellow and blue is light blue
Comment from : Soro Magar

A n g e l K h l o e
I use the same paint
Comment from : A n g e l K h l o e

secret_ wish
how yellow color turns into black color? thank u 😊
Comment from : secret_ wish

Bianca 2.0
How to make grey
Comment from : Bianca 2.0

Harji nath Harji nath
Comment from : Harji nath Harji nath

Kiran Rathwa
Answer me pls,,,,,,,
Comment from : Kiran Rathwa

Kiran Rathwa
Orange+white kounsa hota hai????
Comment from : Kiran Rathwa

Angel boy
Where did you find that type of music
Comment from : Angel boy

Tri Yuniati
Wow magic
Comment from : Tri Yuniati

Mohd Husain
Thanks you
Comment from : Mohd Husain

Lalsa Devi
How make silver colour
Comment from : Lalsa Devi

Vijaya Wani
Comment from : Vijaya Wani

Seema Kushwaha
Red +blue makes brown not purple
Comment from : Seema Kushwaha

Valli mamani
Please make video of color mixing chart
Comment from : Valli mamani

abdiqani fidhike
thank u so much bro for your teaching us how to make a colour
Comment from : abdiqani fidhike

Captain Bulldog
Poyi chavadiii
Comment from : Captain Bulldog

Brijesh Yadav
How to make baby pink
Comment from : Brijesh Yadav

Bajirav Rane
Comment from : Bajirav Rane

Bajirav Rane
Comment from : Bajirav Rane

Bajirav Rane
Nice and cool
Comment from : Bajirav Rane

Faithlin faithlin
Comment from : Faithlin faithlin

Dana Cagašová
neumím míchat barvy ,ale tohle je poucne☺
Comment from : Dana Cagašová

Sumant Kumar
Comment from : Sumant Kumar

Mase Pitts
Comment from : Mase Pitts

cyan and magnet colour kese banaye
Comment from : SANOJ KUMAR

Ulett Blue
Comment from : Ulett Blue

Tiffany Soup
Ty now I can teach my class this now
Comment from : Tiffany Soup

ajmal pasha
easy how to make a blue colour please please say me
Comment from : ajmal pasha

Fayez Wangde
Comment from : Fayez Wangde

Izaan Shaikh
How do we make yellow
Comment from : Izaan Shaikh

abisha m
Combination for pink colour
Comment from : abisha m

Ravi Kumar
Where are you from plz reply me
Comment from : Ravi Kumar

johel 1234
Comment from : johel 1234

Rasmita Nayak
Nice and helpful video
Comment from : Rasmita Nayak

Tej Narayan
Very good
Comment from : Tej Narayan


Yea same question why TF doesn't it make green?

Comment from : BalistcPRANKS!

Renu Kushwah
Comment from : Renu Kushwah

Puradi Bambang Santos
Klo wrna orange di cmpur sma wrna biru tua hsil nya wrna ap y tlng jwb yg tw y
Comment from : Puradi Bambang Santos

Md Salim
Bhai.... light blue color kaahaan hai is mein
Comment from : Md Salim

Samruddhi Wagh
I want how to make red colour in Artist watercolor cakes....
Comment from : Samruddhi Wagh

Archana Nikhate
How to make a skin colour
Comment from : Archana Nikhate

Zaps U_U
That’s not how you spell oynx
Comment from : Zaps U_U

Sahadev Jani
Thanks brooo
Comment from : Sahadev Jani

غزل علي
أكو عرب بل فيديو
Comment from : غزل علي

X-Flame Gaming
red +green is brown
Comment from : X-Flame Gaming

Sunil Gaur
By which two colours we make dark blue
Comment from : Sunil Gaur

alka Srivastava
All beautiful colour
Comment from : alka Srivastava

alka Srivastava
Nice video
Comment from : alka Srivastava

Ravi gaonkar
Comment from : Ravi gaonkar

Nilima Salunkhe
But how to make maroon colour
Comment from : Nilima Salunkhe

Matthew Clifton
all wrong yellow and cyan make green and the true colours are yellow, cyan and magenta
Comment from : Matthew Clifton

md ebadul rahman
Koi apps hai colour matching karne ka
Comment from : md ebadul rahman

Yellow colour to aap ne bataya Nahin kaise banega

how to mixed blue pastel color please help me
Comment from : senpaiplayz_V2

Pinku Paul
Pink + yellow =??? Colour
Comment from : Pinku Paul

krishna chandra verma
Krishna Chandra Verma
Comment from : krishna chandra verma

dave tigasin
How do you make peach into red lol
Comment from : dave tigasin

je ni
Comment from : je ni

Sanjay Deshmukh
Comment from : Sanjay Deshmukh

Sushant Choudhary
Comment from : Sushant Choudhary

Shalini Patel
Nice thank you so much for helping me
Comment from : Shalini Patel

Rafeek Rafeek
very useful video thanks
Comment from : Rafeek Rafeek

Vansu Sharma
Uncle Aapne a Sare colour to dikha Diye par aapne blue kyu nahi dikhaya
Comment from : Vansu Sharma

Dany Roy
Comment from : Dany Roy

Kronos my account got hacked
Red and blue is purple, not mauve
Comment from : Kronos my account got hacked

Pankaj Pathak
Can any one tell me about how to make white color by using primary colors Red Green and blue
Comment from : Pankaj Pathak

stay with me SiLi
How to make yellow color
Comment from : stay with me SiLi

Irtizaa Jan
How to make mustard colour
Comment from : Irtizaa Jan

Kuldeep kaur Chalah
What will be made when we mix all colors
Comment from : Kuldeep kaur Chalah

Talib Ansari
Comment from : Talib Ansari

Pink colour
Comment from : PRAMOD RAJPUT

Kashish Ashish
Suffering from mental desire
Comment from : Kashish Ashish

Paula souza Santos
Muito legal parabéns
Comment from : Paula souza Santos

Ivy J
How to make black paint?
Comment from : Ivy J

BHAT xuhaib
--- + ----- = RAY BLUE
Comment from : BHAT xuhaib

BHAT xuhaib
How I can made ray blue colour
Comment from : BHAT xuhaib

Ice Cone

Comment from : Ice Cone

Dark Green + Pink = Rock Snake Pokemon
Comment from : JORDAN LESSARD

Naseeba Nasi
For red colour what should be mix
Comment from : Naseeba Nasi

Balwant Singh
Black clour kin color s see mil kar baanta ma
Comment from : Balwant Singh

Abhinav Kumar
Thankyou so much sir
I want to that you make more video on this topic.

Comment from : Abhinav Kumar

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