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2020 NYC has become concrete Dump !
Comment from : IsBoR

Pepe Greenfrog
Cool video! Are you on BitChute?
Comment from : Pepe Greenfrog

Alex Strong
Plague inc : USA
Comment from : Alex Strong

Kiki Doyolabme
Stolen from the indians
Comment from : Kiki Doyolabme

André Ferreira
Nova York foi fundada pelos holandeses que foram expulsos pelos portugueses, de Recife, Pernambuco. Vejam como o mundo da voltas!
Comment from : André Ferreira

We turned "The most fertile land" Henry Hudson had ever set foot on into a giant parking lot.
Comment from : Neuroxix

_Mooche_ [Minecraft]
The cameraman has lived a lot
Comment from : _Mooche_ [Minecraft]

digger evans
Where is the oldest surviving building in new York?
Comment from : digger evans

Beautiful video. 👏👏👍 Thank you for all your time and effort to make it, it's like a historical document & art in one.
Comment from : BoMwarriorVlog

Yuri Chan
GTA 4 Liberty City Maps it's looks great
Comment from : Yuri Chan

Sukh Gill
If you think about it .. where did the unimaginable wealth come from to build such a large project , even within 350 years is breath taking to think what has been achieved... my thoughts are , without banks and debt , it would not be possible ... as much as I oppose banks and there strangle hold on society .. if it were not for them to be able to create money and debt from thin air we would not have the world and advancements we have today but would still be stuck in time warp.. think about it ... humans have been on earth for god knows how long but within last 500 years it’s growth is staggering... banks and debt is the reason for it all..
Comment from : Sukh Gill

Joseph Marie Che Ecija
New York is a fascinating city - with skyscrapers. I love New York :)
This video wants me to play Cities Skylines lol

Comment from : Joseph Marie Che Ecija

Rome totaled 1,000,000 in AD 1. New York matched that over 1857 years later.
Comment from : Acheiropoietos

XgeraX V
Do the Monterrey thing in northern Mexico new leon
Comment from : XgeraX V

Hyxpel The Un0riginal
You should do Bucharest, it's interesting how it went from a few gypsies laying some bricks to traffic worse than L.A in just 300 years
Comment from : Hyxpel The Un0riginal

very nice video
Comment from : JC1985

Actually, the first landing is by a French discoverer who started a little colony called New Angouleme. But the colony did not survive.
Comment from : laurentien00

Gary Oak
A once great city and amazing feat of man. It’s now a cess pool of degeneracy, insanity, and lunacy. Run by corrupt leftists and inhabited by the brainwashed herd. Scary stuff.
Comment from : Gary Oak

Andrew Hirst
Fascinating 👍
Comment from : Andrew Hirst

Piotr Burka
New Washington - capital of the USA. New York in 50 years - New Washington
Comment from : Piotr Burka

So people built cities on the best cultivation land?
Comment from : SilverSurfer

Stefan Unson
So much of the manufacturing sector went to the southern states.
Comment from : Stefan Unson

Erwin Prokopios
Fredrick law was my great great uncle and which gives me a sort of a home and warm spot in my heart for nyc
Comment from : Erwin Prokopios

Рустам Алиев
5:50 only 4400 cars?
Comment from : Рустам Алиев

ابو زكي الحسيني
Thanks I enjoyed
Comment from : ابو زكي الحسيني

Deborah Duewson
Thoroughly enjoyed this. Can you please tell me what animation platform you used for this.
Comment from : Deborah Duewson

Caleboss mobile gamer
this is our city and we love it.
Comment from : Caleboss mobile gamer

Noah P
Love how you used one of my favorite songs, Cities by Maserati, as the background music
Comment from : Noah P

Twan Brinkman
no it's New Amsterdam lol
Comment from : Twan Brinkman

Comment from : Steven

Granny’s Vagina
New Jersey needs to give that piece near the river to New York it’s literally weird that they did that in the first place
Comment from : Granny’s Vagina

The Bronx and particularly Brooklyn needs to be destroyed and start all over again.
Comment from : fights4fight

The Fermented Sailor
Should have left it the quaint. Little village it started out as... Sigh..
Comment from : The Fermented Sailor

Never heard of it. Is this some kind of fucking fantasy city?
Comment from : PinkPonyOfPrey

Better than telly
I bet it was very beautiful once.
Comment from : Better than telly

No offense the other state suck besides Cali and florida😭
Comment from : YKTV J

Army Josh
From the evolution, it seems there is no shrinkage of water bodies around New York over past 300 years ?
Comment from : Army Josh

René Larsen
0:50 I wish i was born in a place called Reckowacky :)
Comment from : René Larsen

Sweet I can see my house
Comment from : Ecstassy

The Terminator
You skipped like 40 years
Comment from : The Terminator

Luck75 motociclismo
Myles Zhang great vídeo congrats I living in south Brazil my name's Luciano Zang ahahahah
Comment from : Luck75 motociclismo

Meanwhile there was whole towns and villages of indigenous that were bulldozed and forest cleared.. for this great city to flourish. At least 100,000 people already living there. Central Park was a whole separate village of black and indigenous people (who also payed taxes just as much) , with their own roads and what not.. Totally bulldozed over. Gentrification has always been a New York standard.
Comment from : C N

Sad Lion
I dont consider staten island as a part of NYC
Comment from : Sad Lion

Mark Arandjus
Most people when they think about NYC they just think of Manhattan.
Manhattan is certainly a big part of it, and it's the place where the city grew out of, but today there is so so so much more to the city!
Exploring it using google maps' 3D view, you always find something interesting.

Comment from : Mark Arandjus

darn totn im'a cowboy, yeehaw partner!
edit: excuse my fantasy of americans

Comment from : teet

Wonder Why
When you see it like this it makes me feel that we are rapists. Just as the Native American would have said about us when we arrived.
Comment from : Wonder Why

Kelly Knauth Brown
This could have been way more exciting with flashes to street views.
Comment from : Kelly Knauth Brown

Carson Buckley
Yo why tf am I crying??
Comment from : Carson Buckley

In the novel "Time and Again" set in 1882 author Jack Finney describes that the graded street grids north of Central Park were already in place with farms still operating in the depressions surrounded by the future streets.
Comment from : Linflas

YipFlap The executioner
All these years later and I still never want to go to NYC. Except for the Statue of Liberty. But I still don't understand why people would want to LIVE there. Really, any big city for that matter.
Comment from : YipFlap The executioner

Nick Gorin
Comment from : Nick Gorin

Shane C.
Amazing work about amazing city! Well done! 👍👍👍
Comment from : Shane C.

Tetra Digm
welcome to Mega City 1. complete with shit street design that has traffic so congested, flying cars couldnt fix it.
Comment from : Tetra Digm

Bryan Benz
Can you do an L.A or S.F timeline it’d be interesting how the west started to populate since most people were on the East coast
Comment from : Bryan Benz

Do Chicago!
Comment from : MrJb713

Rafal T.
Sim City;)
Comment from : Rafal T.

Quak My
The city is about the age of the records of my family
Comment from : Quak My

Wolf Blitzer
Comment from : Wolf Blitzer

It's crazy how you treat ppl from New Jersey like foreigners... I'm not from US and I cannot understand it. OMG
Comment from : MatiusNR

New York in 1889: over one million inhabitants.
Meanwhile in Amsterdam (2020): still waiting...

Comment from : Linkpeet

New York was extended into the river path. So the original New York does not looked like it did a long time ago.
Comment from : qolspony

The subways help expand the street grid that we know today. Otherwise, 6th Avenue (Church Street), 7th Avenue (Varrick Street) and 8th Avenue extends into Fredrick Douglas Blvd would have ended like 5th Avenue does today. They literally cleared out buildings blocking the path to make the subway.
Comment from : qolspony

This video could have been done better. So much missed.
Comment from : qolspony

Kaministquia Mahackamack
Here grows New York? The Erie Canal?
Comment from : Kaministquia Mahackamack

Studio Cottage
Imagine this for the entire United States.
Comment from : Studio Cottage

Vincent Arvia
New York: exists

European Immigrants: Hippity Hoppity this land is now our property

Comment from : Vincent Arvia

Docteur francisco
bluffant incroyable
Comment from : Docteur francisco

The Dutch traded NY for Suriname... the uk dint capture it :-)
Comment from : matthijsh1979

Bugeanu Florin
Thank you, good time for you
Fabulous and fantastic.

Comment from : Bugeanu Florin

Sa S
We just skipped the 70s, 80s, and 90s I see. No note of the battery expansion either? Lazy.
Comment from : Sa S

So the takeaway is that if you lived there prior to 1850 ... you never had to endure the shithole it became.
Comment from : PresidentGas1

After the Great Famine in Ireland population boosted. In fact, NYC once had more Irishmen than Dublin itself.
Comment from : Addar

Ricky Xu
Shenzhen; that's really slow to me
Comment from : Ricky Xu

It looks like the spreading of some infection...
Comment from : dbevit

Denis R
Comment from : Denis R

Nick Colbert
Comment from : Nick Colbert

Comment from : Z

I Wish I could go back to the 1700s and buy a couple of acres in Manhattan keep in the Family line to present day
Comment from : ARCTURUS

Cisco Talens
I have live in Virginia my entire life, but have traveled around the world including New York City and hands down New York City is best city in the world in my opinion.
Comment from : Cisco Talens

Edwin Jansen
Really funny that the first railroad was called The Harlem railroad as the first Dutch railroad was from Amsterdam to... Haarlem.
Comment from : Edwin Jansen

Chris W
We cannot build building like that today. SUP? Think about it. I saw an old 1600's painting with the Brooklyn bridge already up. Buncha simpletons walking around that could never build such a thing. See my petri dish Earth videos.
Comment from : Chris W

Rich Millett
If you want to know the real deal about New York, check out Colin Quinn's amazing "The New York Story"...hilarious!!
Comment from : Rich Millett

This video helped me realize just how "new" these transit systems and such are. 1898, 1903, and 1969, in the grand scheme of things, are fairly recent. The industrial boom really put a lot of things in motion. And...while it was innovative for its time, those freaking grid streets ARE a nightmare.
Comment from : SHOOKEN

Mario Maawad Marcos
Humans are like cancer...
Comment from : Mario Maawad Marcos

Please do LA, Chicago, Phoenix and especially Detroit!
Comment from : chairmanofrussia

I thought we could see the first houses and settling and see the evolution over time into builgins
Comment from : Erkal

Malcolm Canning
Who built all the massive structures.
Comment from : Malcolm Canning

Andrea ff
Comment from : Andrea ff

Comment from : VGLV

I like how the tip of the island is just a mess because they didn't have the grid plan from the start.
Comment from : Kohl

The Caesar
Great video! It spreads like a cancer. Just like any city and farmland.
Comment from : The Caesar

Who am I
After playing countless hours on cities skylines I can now realise how bad the traffic problem is in New York
Comment from : Who am I

Well done.
Comment from : clarkewi

Amitoj Partap Singh
so from 1600 to 1800 they expanded only as much we can now travel in 10 mins? are you sure u got the right facts
Comment from : Amitoj Partap Singh

CP 1991
I'd love to know more about that pool of water seen up until the turn of the 19th century - looks like it's located in what is now Soho. Does anyone have any info?
Comment from : CP 1991

Trucker Nick
Imagine if liberals were around we never would've gone past Manhattan
Comment from : Trucker Nick

Whyd they make the streets so damn crooked? dummies
Comment from : Anterifar

John Fabio
Great job
Comment from : John Fabio

Omega 01
Is New York good?
Comment from : Omega 01

Pitje Puck
it shows how Migrants illegal go to the country of indians and occupied all they can get
Comment from : Pitje Puck

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