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ESL and Popular Culture
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Comment from : ESL and Popular Culture

Александр Олейников
Play, rewind, play, rewind?

"Purple" Uh, are you sure about that?

Comment from : Александр Олейников

Pragya Kumari
Comment from : Pragya Kumari

Mohammad Issa
Im sorry but brown cant work
Comment from : Mohammad Issa

RizwanwakokKkoo0l Ahmed
Comment from : RizwanwakokKkoo0l Ahmed

Sanjeet Kumar saxena
Comment from : Sanjeet Kumar saxena

gita timilsina
Very useful
Comment from : gita timilsina

Reya Singh
Comment from : Reya Singh

Akhilesh Ray
Comment from : Akhilesh Ray

Sayyadali Sayyadali
Tq's alooott sir for hlping me and my sis
Comment from : Sayyadali Sayyadali

Sayyadali Sayyadali
Tq's alooott sir
Comment from : Sayyadali Sayyadali

Vanshika Gupta
Magic wow so good😀
Comment from : Vanshika Gupta

Ragasmitha Alishala
Comment from : Ragasmitha Alishala

Amit Saxena
Comment from : Amit Saxena

Ankit Verma
Wrong shade
Comment from : Ankit Verma

Anil Sen
Thanks for helping us and me
Comment from : Anil Sen

Krishan.kumar.sinhmar Krishan.kumar.sinhmar
Purple really
Comment from : Krishan.kumar.sinhmar Krishan.kumar.sinhmar

Anjul kant Anjul
Very nice
Comment from : Anjul kant Anjul

Balasaheb Undage
How to make red colour
Comment from : Balasaheb Undage

Mehwish Ahmad
Comment from : Mehwish Ahmad

Kapil Yadav
Thanks🙏🙇 so much 😀😀👏👏👍
Comment from : Kapil Yadav

Sunil Vanjole
Bigo app
Comment from : Sunil Vanjole

Sushil Mishra
Your trik is very nice
Comment from : Sushil Mishra

Sahadev Majhi
colors name sar
Comment from : Sahadev Majhi

Kamal Singh
Comment from : Kamal Singh

Madhukar Mohape
That's not purple
Comment from : Madhukar Mohape

Aabid Saiyed
Thank you
Comment from : Aabid Saiyed

Comment from : SULTANAkhan KHAN

Judit Jané
Thanks i love you video😙😙
Comment from : Judit Jané

Utkarsh pratap singh
Bakwas video
Comment from : Utkarsh pratap singh

Surender Kumar
Thank you
Comment from : Surender Kumar

mf siddiqui
Thank you so much
Comment from : mf siddiqui

Neha Jain
Comment from : Neha Jain

Arshad Ali
Comment from : Arshad Ali

Sonu Khan
feroze colour Kaise bnaye
Comment from : Sonu Khan

Saroj Bista
very bad video
my. name is umi
from 🇳🇵 🤡😂😂😂😂😠🤪💃💃💃

Comment from : Saroj Bista

Dinesh Kumar
Comment from : Dinesh Kumar

Guru Dron
Very poor video👎👎👎👎
Comment from : Guru Dron

Yuraj Sahare
Comment from : Yuraj Sahare

Nation- Arting
How to make white painting colour
Comment from : Nation- Arting

Hannah Muamua
how to make black and red
Comment from : Hannah Muamua

Paramjeet Kaur
Comment from : Paramjeet Kaur

Shivani Kashyap
I tried so many times but red + bluedidnt made purple!!!! 😠👿😠😠
Comment from : Shivani Kashyap

Bhai Jaan
Thanks sir so sennd more videos
Comment from : Bhai Jaan

Prashantkumar Prashantkumar
Thanks for video
Comment from : Prashantkumar Prashantkumar

Mikel Keysa
Comment from : Mikel Keysa

owais king10
how to make red color?
Comment from : owais king10

Esam Raha
Comment from : Esam Raha

That is the wrong shade of blue
Comment from : SaraPussycatDoll

امير الكتروني
Good l love red and green
Comment from : امير الكتروني

Billa Bhai
Hello bhaya meruko out video dekhauo
Comment from : Billa Bhai

Md Shakib
Bhia plzz meko btao pent me lase color bnate hai
Comment from : Md Shakib

Abidur Rahman
Wrong thing red and blue make purple red and blue makes maroon
Comment from : Abidur Rahman

Iqra Qayyum
Thanks for the HELP.
Comment from : Iqra Qayyum

Sonali Saxena
How to make yellow
Comment from : Sonali Saxena

#beastboy gaming
Can any one tell me that how to make yellow colour by mixing
Comment from : #beastboy gaming

Easygaming pg3d Fishing
What makes white?
Comment from : Easygaming pg3d Fishing

Guru Dev
Comment from : Guru Dev

Guru Dev
Comment from : Guru Dev

Preet Sidhu
Thanks for help
Comment from : Preet Sidhu

Mast Nayak satyun
Nice video very much
Comment from : Mast Nayak satyun

yassen ashraf A
عايزة لون اصفر اية ع اية
Comment from : yassen ashraf A

Rama Ch
How to make red colour?
Comment from : Rama Ch

Naresh chandra Dwivedi
So nice
Comment from : Naresh chandra Dwivedi

Rafiya's Recipes
Sir how to make apple green ?
Comment from : Rafiya's Recipes

Shuja Nomani
Mera kal exam h iska thanks for information
Comment from : Shuja Nomani

Memon Hasnein
Comment from : Memon Hasnein

Rosemarie Menguito
Blue + Green = turquoise??
Comment from : Rosemarie Menguito

yash soni
Teri ma ki aak
Comment from : yash soni

Santosh Naik
Please tell me, what makes yellow😐
Comment from : Santosh Naik

Diksha's Art
What about mehroon navy blue
Comment from : Diksha's Art

happy champion
3:40 orange.
Comment from : happy champion

Shivam Raghav
kon se color hai ye
Comment from : Shivam Raghav

Its good
But plz tell me How to make parrot green colour?

Comment from : ANSHU TANWAR

princess Deepanshi Yadav
Which colour make yellow
Comment from : princess Deepanshi Yadav

Amit Raj Gorakhpur
Comment from : Amit Raj Gorakhpur

Mohd Danish Rohi
Comment from : Mohd Danish Rohi

vijay mishra
Comment from : vijay mishra

Suhas Jadhav
thank you 🙂🙂👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Suhas Jadhav

Mehreen Maqbool
Nice thanks for helping me 🖌️
Comment from : Mehreen Maqbool

naima arshad
How to make red colour
Comment from : naima arshad

Nishant Akela
How to make sky blue colour ?
Comment from : Nishant Akela

It's liza
Thank you so much you help me to mix color that I don't have thank you thank you (:
Comment from : It's liza

Shakila Shaikh
Comment from : Shakila Shaikh

Mukesh Carpenter
Sir please Yellow colour Bana kar ABI sikae
Comment from : Mukesh Carpenter

Aslam Hashmi
Comment from : Aslam Hashmi

aftab amin
Comment from : aftab amin

Is that Alfred?
Comment from : BrandNuEnt.

Ram Flow
Green made with yellow and blue or blue and yellow
Comment from : Ram Flow

જુનાગઢ નો જલસો
Wow!!!! Amazing
Comment from : જુનાગઢ નો જલસો

Sheeraz Naich
Comment from : Sheeraz Naich

How can you make yellow then ? In 12 and still don’t know !!!
Comment from : Jennifer

Salma Campos
2:26 don’t worry guys I’m putting this cuz when I come back, I’m gonna see my comment to make the color brown
Comment from : Salma Campos

Atikul Islam
Comment from : Atikul Islam

Random Vlogs
What is the colour of the paper on the background ???
Comment from : Random Vlogs

Simon Invia
Stop for a second, please. Thanks! There is a game that teaches you how to mix colors. Search for "Mix Colors by Heten" on youtube right now and get your link to Play store
Comment from : Simon Invia

Anirban Sen Sharma
U hlped me a lot by giving orange
Comment from : Anirban Sen Sharma

Beast Boy Ayush Pandey
How to make skin color
Comment from : Beast Boy Ayush Pandey

maya laguerre
You suck
Comment from : maya laguerre

Shazia Hashmani
Haha its tooo easy
Comment from : Shazia Hashmani

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