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Barbie Longfellow-Ott
Why does this feel so depressing to me?
Comment from : Barbie Longfellow-Ott

Axel Gray
this is way to well shot
Comment from : Axel Gray

Evan Hodgden
He IS exactly as depicted!!!! As a cruiser on RCI I've been looking for him for years. I finally found him, on the smoking deck, sitting in his "Office" with chair, computer, desk, sofa, an occasional chair, beverage on hand and smoking a cigar. So, I asked to be seated and he invited me to sit on the sofa. What an experience!! Cordial, pleasant, courteous, friendly, funny with many interests. We visited for quite a while, like old friends. We were on a 12 day Trans-Atlantic cruise. I said "Hi" to him a few days later and he called me by name. A 3rd encounter as I sat wth his Pinnacle level friends at a Trivia Game.What fun! I spoke to a crew member about him and he said he is wonderful, super friendly, respectful and gets every perk and we will get anything, if possible, he asks for. For a serise of full interviews search on YT Life on a Cruise Ship.
Comment from : Evan Hodgden

I denied myself nothing my eyes desired, I refused my heart no pleasure.. my heart took delight in all my work... and this was the reward for all my labour... yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done.. and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless. A chasing after the wind..... nothing was gained under the sun - king Solomon.
Comment from : Neeeva

At 3:14 until 3:29, I thought I was watching a small piece of a Martin Scorsese movie. The way they discussed in that meeting between friends. I must be watching too many of them over the years. Unless it was framed that way. But he saying he was happy. Or is happy. But also if you keep saying you are happy all the time, are you really happy? Anyway, whatever floats his boat.

Overall, he seems content. And loves it. Mario is a man of the seas.

Comment from : liizzset

SINternet Entertainment
Sad that this is the only place you would see someone smoking a cigarette making a video. It is unheard of for anyone and movies nowadays to have a cigarette in their hand. He is so interesting that they just need to make a TV show about him he can educate so many people and he just doesn’t know it.
Comment from : SINternet Entertainment

Brant Matthews
this is just bizarre
Comment from : Brant Matthews

Abigail Abraham
The cinematography is incredible
Comment from : Abigail Abraham

blue phantom
the way he wants to die, wow...
Comment from : blue phantom

This is brilliant
Comment from : ALVY

Mr. Kolohe
A Retirement Home or a Cruise Ship? The cost of Living in a Cruise Ship might surprise you! Happy for you Super Mario!

Comment from : Mr. Kolohe

Daniel Serrano
Comment from : Daniel Serrano

Cy Faller
I think they mislabeled this lol escapism realness
Comment from : Cy Faller

Books For Alva
This is so random
Comment from : Books For Alva

Something tells me he’s absolutely miserable
Comment from : WhisperLeo

Emily Bradley
This was shot so well I thought it was acted. The "I'm not gonna worry about that" and then cough at the end? Perfect.
Comment from : Emily Bradley

Jaz Florida
It’s a lonely life, surrounded by strangers.
Comment from : Jaz Florida

Alicia Hilliard
Is it me or does this look like a clip from a movie.
Comment from : Alicia Hilliard

I'd like to think that he's really the happiest guy in the world. Maybe for him the risk of being hurt by other or enduring awkward companionship is not worth it, and he'd rather have the best company he knows.
Comment from : originaozz

hebi hemanth
Comment from : hebi hemanth

I just feel like you dont have to do these things if you're so happy.
Comment from : MelonHead1848

Keys Collector
A man who lives his "happy" life on a cruise ship who demands Fox News 🤣...sounds about right to me. He's so happy being alone but hes calling cruise ship people as if they are his friends.
Comment from : Keys Collector

I was on an awesome cruise for a week. After the week I was definitely ready to come back home.
Comment from : Pr3ssPl4y

bahar dan
He's wasting all that money on that awful cruise ships :/ He could have helped a couple of poor kids to go school or given shelter to the homeless etc., instead of going to the same cruise over and over again..
Comment from : bahar dan

Rose Lee
I wish everyone would find that one thing that make them as happy as this man is
Comment from : Rose Lee

I visited the cruise ship he is living on
Comment from : Xalerty

guitta Dabe
You have to know yourself when contemplating something like this. That includes knowing what makes you happy. Can you live without making a difference in anybody's life? Not help anyone? Not serve anyone? I love the ocean, but I know I can't. I cannot be this self centered. Some people can, and perhaps that makes them happy.
His "friends" are not real friends, but mostly the employees of the ship. I don't think I can function without friends. And I'm the type of person who hates crowds. But this looks too extreme going the other way. To each his and her own. I wish Super Mario the very best. And that he's truly happy.

Comment from : guitta Dabe

Caleb Cain
That was incredibly depressing.

He's not living. He's just existing.

Comment from : Caleb Cain

Shoot man, if I was on a 19 year cruise I would too haha.
Comment from : Veloth

Skye Reed
Yeah.. nooo.. he is definitely not the happiest guy in the world
Comment from : Skye Reed

Ben Santmyer
He’s projecting. Actually very sad
Comment from : Ben Santmyer

Felix Garcia
Only person who knows if he is happy is him self , god bless him
Comment from : Felix Garcia

The Visionary
6:12 “I guess the only thing I have to look forward to are just the new ships. And that’s okay...” friends fain approval convinces himself one more time...”I’m the happiest guy on earth!” 🤣 They need a psychiatrist onboard.
Comment from : The Visionary

The Visionary
Comment from : The Visionary

Lauren Wilkman
The more someone has to say they are happy, the less I believe them.
Comment from : Lauren Wilkman

what a waste of fuel
Comment from : GoryTV

Zachary Grella
A dude this happy will live forever
Comment from : Zachary Grella

Michelle Bryant
He definitely doesn’t seem happy but yet just lonely and depressed just he and his Cigarettes but if he say he happy and he content with being alone that’s what it is beautifully made though I salute the makers of this short film! For the record to be in that setting daily seems to be breathtaking relaxing and peaceful.......
Comment from : Michelle Bryant

Jeff Marini
This is an absolute masterpiece and for those who have the privilege of feeling this statement and achievement beyond its objectivity are truly lucky. From 8:15-on, I can’t think of a piece of contemporary filmmaking that has made me feel more. Bravo.
Comment from : Jeff Marini

shoop shoop
2:38 I could never be the happiest if I listened to politics. Just seperates people, but I have to if I want to contribute to the furture of the world.
Comment from : shoop shoop

Quirky Quips
Cigarettes and booze. Happy?
Friends and loved ones that I begged to stop are six feet under or ashes. My mom was not a drinker but nicotine stained fingers. She finally got it & is 85.

Comment from : Quirky Quips

mitchell bliss
Thought that was BILL BELICHICK for a second at first, lmao!!
Comment from : mitchell bliss

Yasmin Khan
Being on vacation makes anyone happy. It's a crazy type of euphoria.
Comment from : Yasmin Khan

If he's happy, who's to judge (aside from judging the carbon footprint).
Comment from : Anonymous

This seems sad.
Comment from : SnapHappy

Cat De Montjoye
Very respectable decision.
Comment from : Cat De Montjoye

I'm happy and sad at the same time
Comment from : imikimi2009

Shon Evans
Song @ 1:30??
Comment from : Shon Evans

@1:43 Baaby
Comment from : Angie

Pardon me are You aaron burr sir
He sounds JUST like Itzhak Perlman
Comment from : Pardon me are You aaron burr sir

From where does he have money tho?
Comment from : doa

Patrick Borgers
I don't think he's the happiest guy on the boat even
Comment from : Patrick Borgers

Dian Noor Hayati
I know that he's so happy for his cruise life. But as he mentioned that too many times in this video, i doubt that.
Comment from : Dian Noor Hayati

Fernanda Martins
I'm in a teenager kind of holiday for about a year, just stay at home watching cartoons and movies and eating noodles, sometimes stay in my pijamas all day. never felt worse
Comment from : Fernanda Martins

His carbon footprint is enormous
Comment from : Thlayli

Alisha Mearasco
This is really different to me. The desire to be nothing, and to do absolutely nothing with yourself for 365 days a year, sounds both like an excruciating punishment and a gift from God all at the same time 😂. As long as he's comfortable then that's great, but I personally couldn't do it.

Probably it's because I've been conditioned to believe that the only time I'm achieving is when I'm putting all of my potential to use or probably it's because I too like all the rest of you have been influenced by society to believe that wanting the absolute best for yourself (best material, great education, highest occupation ranking, etc) is not only good but achievable.

I don't think he's the happiest man in the world instead I think he's living the dream of the happiest man in the world and for some that's good enough but for others like myself that's just a little to sweet to be anyones reality 😂.

Comment from : Alisha Mearasco

Haywood Jahblomy
For someone who LOVES being alone he kept trying to find his friends and book appointments with friends ...lol
Comment from : Haywood Jahblomy

Patrick Cruz
Something tells me this guys family is absolutely thrilled he spends 365 days a year on a boat. Happiest guy on earth? I doubt it.
Comment from : Patrick Cruz

Prasanna R N
Is this supposed to be ironic? Am I missing something?
Comment from : Prasanna R N

Didnt like the way the direction kind of made him look like he is not living his life. I mean, how would the directing / writing crew know ? He is unique and nice and doesnt trouble others, gets on with his life and he is happy. Why did the direction crew change that perspective? There is nothing in living a life on your own. Many do it, mostly on land. He is smarter and does it in a cruise ship. Probably has more retirement savings than any of the people commenting here.
Comment from : kevin7dave

Jupiter The Gas Giant
b o o m e r
Comment from : Jupiter The Gas Giant

è il vero Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon Novecento! a differenza che lui è facoltoso
Comment from : Lidia

Ivan Storey
No one is really happy all the time. Some are just good at faking it.
Comment from : Ivan Storey

Happiess guy...Yet can’t f*ckin smile on the Thumbnail
Comment from : VinceLocRS

Navneet Nair
There is a Hindi songs "Tum itna Jo muskurara rahe ho, Kya gum hai jisko chupa rahe ho" translated it means "Why are you smiling so much. What is the sadness that you are trying so hard to hide". This guy exemplifies it...
Comment from : Navneet Nair

Asmita Chatterjee
I think the filmmaker of these docu is the happiest... I mean you gotta be really happy to make such an amazing cinematic movie!
Comment from : Asmita Chatterjee

Jason Brown
Great looking doc... but how does someone afford to go on all these cruises. I think that was a big part missing from this story I would've liked to know
Comment from : Jason Brown

The little pauses are kinda telling for the so-called “happiest guy in the world”.
Comment from : WestNileSnipes

he probably lying and has crippling depression kek
Comment from : Graykat

Sounds like someone's got $$$$
Comment from : 92laird

Patrick Man To The Rescue
This looks like a documentary style episode of black mirror
Comment from : Patrick Man To The Rescue

mudkip with sunglasses
He's never gotten sick for that many years? Are you allowed to be on a cruise ship if you're sick?
Comment from : mudkip with sunglasses

Fox News.. of course..
Comment from : sabahiya

I love these documentaries. not this one, this one is stupid, but ones like it
Comment from : MrShanester117

You know how when you go on long vacations or social events back to back and you just get burnt out.
This man is way past that point.

Comment from : WeMakeVideosCA

Anne Frank
Comment from : Anne Frank

Jojo Snow
That conversation at 6:00 is very weird to me. He admits to being shallow and they congratulate him.
Comment from : Jojo Snow

judas Priest
I can see my self doing this
Comment from : judas Priest

Ryan Lynch
"land hospital" LOL
Comment from : Ryan Lynch

The Pochade
I believe he attempts to convince himself that he's the happiest man but from what I saw here... he is the most loneliest person. He says he's so happy being alone yet chooses to live in an environment where he is constantly surrounded by people and activities.
Comment from : The Pochade

Ally R
Man y’all have great documentaries I mean this looks like a movie almost
Comment from : Ally R

Peace and LOVE
My kind of life!!!!!, I would love this!!!!
Comment from : Peace and LOVE

JF 15
Continental Breakfast?
Comment from : JF 15

JF 15
So much of what this guy is saying and how he behaves screams depression and sadness. When he talks about how he has done everything and all he has to look firqard to is new ships. He talks about being the happiest man in the world then adds "alone". I have felt similar at times that I'd rather be alone, but that was during times where I just wanted to forget about my troubles and just others, but the happiest times for me were actually times spent with others and even introverts need others in their lives. He even talked about escaping real life.
Comment from : JF 15

branc cint
I don’t buy it for a second that this guy is happy. He’s trying so hard to fake it until me makes it. Their is pain in those eyes of an unfulfilled life that he has had. Sure cruising is great, but I feel bad for the guy.
Comment from : branc cint

Funny China Channel
Comment from : Funny China Channel

Alistair Harlond
Stay Thirsty my Friends
Comment from : Alistair Harlond

What a negative depressed person, doesn’t look happy to me. Why worry about the news when your the “happiest person on earth”? I could care less about the news when I’m on a cruise.
Comment from : MrDesignsbyrob1

Sapere Aude
He may have himself convinced... and I guess that's all that really matters..to him?
Comment from : Sapere Aude

Elke Summer
It's definitely a great way to retire, but work and vacay can never replace grandchildren!!
Comment from : Elke Summer

Lars van der Werf
Just looks like a sad barfly to me.
Comment from : Lars van der Werf

He has bought his friends. That's sad.
Comment from : Ekaterina

Andy Macedo
Super Mario that's awesome people can get used to anything ! Like me ! I need Nathan ! Except to put y'all in prison ! Then I'll be complete and happy like Mario ! One by one your going to prison ! Guaranteed !
Comment from : Andy Macedo

Greg Wallace
How does Mario get away with smoking on board?
Comment from : Greg Wallace

I could see doing this as a couple, or as a family for the summer or something.
Comment from : mbaxter22

A person can never be truly happy when they're fat and unhealthy.
Comment from : mbaxter22

Mimi of 10
He don't sound very happy!! I wish he is but who can be happy without someone to care and love!! I can't!!
Comment from : Mimi of 10

Dave Otuwa
I shoulda thott o' going on a cruise amidst my college (university) yrs after denyin' the college (next school) tour 5 yrs ago after statin' my tiredness of my current school. What a dream that shoulda come tru!
Comment from : Dave Otuwa

Gabriel Diaz
I have sailed in that exact cruise and let me tell you that they specifically added a filter so that it looks depressing.
Comment from : Gabriel Diaz

Death Guard Dave Googley
For me, that would be lovely for about a year. Much longer and it would turn into torture! But that’s just me. If I had that much money I’d just hire a chef, a maid, gardener and butler and live with my family in a big house with a nice, big garden and a few dogs.
Comment from : Death Guard Dave Googley

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