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Moises Campos
Just started painting and this video help so much
Comment from : Moises Campos

F-lord 2.0
How do I make desert sand color paint
Comment from : F-lord 2.0

Sarah Fauset
Can you do a video on how to make a bright orange?
Comment from : Sarah Fauset

very nice. i like.
Comment from : nublex

kathi wright
Thank you! I enjoy your skills!
Comment from : kathi wright

Joseph Lowry
I watch your other videos in the past and they are very useful.
Comment from : Joseph Lowry

Joseph Lowry
Awesome Willkempartschool that was amazing tip about when we are using orange for painting.
Comment from : Joseph Lowry

straight to the point! thanks
Comment from : Gabriele

Manik Hands
I really REALLY wish you still made these videos!
Comment from : Manik Hands

Houda Sakker
Thank you 😍💓💓💓💓
Comment from : Houda Sakker

MarcialsBlends Hair
Awesome video!!!!!
Comment from : MarcialsBlends Hair

Ravindra Das
Nice video Hindi me vejen
Comment from : Ravindra Das

Claudine Van Damme
Thank you ..I was struggling to make this color. ..well explained. Thanks
Comment from : Claudine Van Damme

anna B
Where are you mixing the colors on? Do you use to mix colors on a paper?
Comment from : anna B

Nana Banana
This is super helpful for mixing paint to match fabrics for cosplay!
Comment from : Nana Banana

Manju Singh
Comment from : Manju Singh

Qwem Lhjsi
Very helpful resource! I was a bit confused with how complementary colors were used and needed a rudimentary understanding of it. Thank you!
Comment from : Qwem Lhjsi

Sofia Celeste
Saludos,eres un gran maestro, gracias!!😀😀😀😀
Comment from : Sofia Celeste

Anne Watman
The problem I'm having is knowing which yellow, red and blue. I can see that the yellow tends towards green, and I'm guessing it's a blue red, so probably a red blue? Maybe this is discussed in another video because I know those things are important in getting the right mix.
Comment from : Anne Watman

Jenn T
What are you mixing the colors on, paper?
Comment from : Jenn T

3:42 how did you know what color to use to lighten the value? I get that yellow is close to orange and lighter, but would white have been more ideal, since it wouldn't change the hue?
Comment from : F E

Craig Lumpy Lemke
Thanks! Nice, non-distracting music. Thummuped☺
Comment from : Craig Lumpy Lemke

Asma Nazeer
Perfect 😍😍😍
Comment from : Asma Nazeer

John Daker
My color is already dry when I'm done mixing :( how do you keep it workable?
Comment from : John Daker

sakshi gusain
so helpful tip thank u
Comment from : sakshi gusain

John Smith
Will, thank you so much for the videos. I've been struggling with understanding many of the acrylic concepts, but you've really helped. Please post more videos, ranging from painting with limited palette, wet on wet blending, and dry brushing, etc. Again, thank you.
Comment from : John Smith

margaret flannigan/butters
Comment from : margaret flannigan/butters

Ben Gun
I bought the expensive liquitex artist colours. My problem is 3 to 4 minutes later the paints on the palette start forming "skin" and the paint on my brush starts becoming a blob. What do I do? I can't paint in less than 5 minutes!
Comment from : Ben Gun

Cheryl Vargas
This was brilliant! Thank you so much.
Comment from : Cheryl Vargas

To add darkness, how would we know if it's better to use blue than black? (or dark brown)
Comment from : Varmelith

Very helpful!
Comment from : SoyBrianBro

Desmond Koh
What is the tool called? The tool that you are using to mix the colours.
Comment from : Desmond Koh

Kaustav Mukherjee
This is what most people fails to do. they get confused about values and tone. great topic.
Comment from : Kaustav Mukherjee

What're you mixing on?
Comment from : nicki

Chitra Shah
Hello Will again 😓. Sorry to bother you again and again but other than mixing the paints , what else does that craft knife thing function for. ( sorry new to all this. And not familiar to anyone one of the tools ) ;)
Comment from : Chitra Shah

Chitra Shah
Hello will. Just discovered your channel. What do you suggest to beginners for ideas? And what surface were you mixing the paint in? Thanks.
Comment from : Chitra Shah

Rebecca Elliott
Thanks Will. I teach painting and drawing but love the way you explain things so clearly. Very very helpful.
Comment from : Rebecca Elliott

Sarah kamal
Who came here because of iris aka literature child?
Comment from : Sarah kamal

Vinc Sebts
Nice tutorials, i am starting acrylic painting. I am good at pencil drawings (graphite) but am starting this as part time. most probably i would watch all ur videos but its better if you can classify videos to stage 1 , stage 2 or different levels of drawing skills so that we people like us come to your channel it would be very easy for us to choose the category.Thanks a lot.
Comment from : Vinc Sebts

Do you recommend using these three particular colors as primaries for starters? I'm having trouble deciding which red, yellow and blue colors to use. Thanks!
Comment from : angelalisf

Ada Richards
Why mix in the complement and not, say, black? Just found you, binging on your videos :) Thanks!
Comment from : Ada Richards

samantha macmillian
When I mix colours they don't look right I'm struggling to get the right colours like a apple /any fruit my greens are terrible can you help I'm a biginers thanks
Comment from : samantha macmillian

C. McMenemy
just the sort of video I need,,, I'd like to see one with lots of colours that are to be matched; that'd be really useful
Comment from : C. McMenemy

great tutorial, but iwonder wich surface are you mixing on ...
Comment from : coreafan

molli ranson

Comment from : molli ranson

infilati spatola in culo
Comment from : mukeluk

Jonathan McVeigh
Brilliant, thank you for sharing
Comment from : Jonathan McVeigh

Listen up friends!
For over a year I have scoured the Internet for beginners' "how-to" instructions on acrylic painting.  Initially, I was searching for free material and easy ways to paint seascapes and perhaps portraits.  Not happy about the results, I then paid for a "complete" course and several specific lessons (skies, woods, still life & portrait) by a variety of artists on the Internet.  Though I would rate my sucessess as okay for a beginner, my conclusion now is that they were all virtually a waste of time.  I simply lacked a good foundation from those sources.
It was my great fortune several weeks ago to discover Will Kemp's Art School initially via YouTube. He has provided there so much FREE, concise and easy to understand material which vastly has helped.
They convinced me to sign up for ALL his paid lessons.  They are absolutely tremendous in linking the pieces together on his "free stuffs" and providing an even deeper understanding to the processes.   The PDF texts and other accompanying materials to the videos are extremely helpful!  Alone his critique in the Drawing Course is worth a doubling of the more than fair course price.  His humor is definitely a nice touch to the serious subject.
I suppose it is a combination of his vast experiences, accomplished subject expertise and effective teaching ability which make his courses superior!
I am eagerly awaiting new courses he may have to offer.
Trust me; if not wasting time and getting results are your goals, go with Will Kemp Art School!

Comment from : taotaomona247

Voldy Mort
The thing I really want to know is what are the acrylic colours you suggest for every acrylic painter to have? I know that may be a long list... Anyone know at least for one colour (example all necessary yellows)?
Comment from : Voldy Mort

Patrick McDonald
Excellent ...
Comment from : Patrick McDonald

What kind of paper are you using to mix the colours on? I have a plastic palette put my paint dries way too quickly.
Comment from : wecomewithmusic

Nolen Purvis
This was great. I was trying to make a color wheel before this for class, and this showed all my errors. It is a shame my teacher didn't teach us about using the yellow to lighten the others to darken. =/
Comment from : Nolen Purvis

celia younger
HOW can I get a list of these primary + secondary and.....colors and their mixtures if they are not a pure color? can i get it in the store? or how can i find it in the internet? ( I mean what should i look for? - since English is not my primary language, I don't know how to look for it. if it exist )
Comment from : celia younger

Maryam Noor
What paint did you use? I want to try acrylic paint and read that it dries so quickly that you don't even get enough time to mix colors , does it really dry that quick ? Please reply , I need some tips. I am starting to paint after so many years. )
Comment from : Maryam Noor

HI Will: thanks for the videos, they are really useful. If I might make a suggestion, it would be that you should credit the music (performer, composer, CD) you are using with perhaps a link to where the musician's web site is, or to their youtube videos. Cheers.
Comment from : drgnej

Actually really helpful. Thank you
Comment from : amarlene94

scrappy Queen
we don't need to buy every shade of colour out there we just need the three basic primary colors to work with! thank you for this I learned some things
Comment from : scrappy Queen

Mari Iris
Of course you won't be able to mix a bright cyan... because that is a primary colour! Your choice of Ultramarine blue, Will, is very far from being a primary colour. I can be used to mix a lot of nice colours, but not a bright green, since it has red in it. The primary colours are: Yellow, cyan and magenta. Even though you normally won't work with pure magenta and cyan, it's good to know.
Comment from : Mari Iris

Hi Nancy, It all depends on the target colour, for example, you won't be able to mix a bright cyan using theses 3 primaries. The colours you mention above are good choices, have a look on my website for an article on 'Basic Beginners Palette'. Cheers, Will
Comment from : willkempartschool

Will your method work with any set of primaries? How about cad yellow med, Alizeron Crimson and U/M Blue...how do you know what combinations of primaries to use? Thank you for this video. It was very informative!
Comment from : nancymaewi

Just click the read more under the video to see a full list of colours, Cheers, Will
Comment from : willkempartschool

Junior Santiago
good color mixing explanation, but what kind of colors are you using ? what kind of yellow ? what kind of blue ?
Comment from : Junior Santiago

Yes, acrylics blend with water, go for it! Will
Comment from : willkempartschool

Hayden Young
Will water work with acrylic for blending colors together? I wanna try to blend some colors together but to scared I'm gonna mess up.
Comment from : Hayden Young

Yes, you can tone down any colour with it's complement, burnt umber is essentially in the orange family of colours so a blue would be it's compliment. In this case this would result in a very dark black. Thanks, Will
Comment from : willkempartschool

Remi Red Raven
I'm so clueless when it comes to mixing the right tones TT_TT So you tone down any colour, with it's compliment? I remember seeing you use burnt umber for that. What works best with burnt umber?
Comment from : Remi Red Raven

Yes colour mixing can be tricky, glad the video helped! Will
Comment from : willkempartschool

You're Welcome, Will
Comment from : willkempartschool

@email16v Thanks very much, hope it's helped your colour mixing. Will
Comment from : willkempartschool

oh yeah!
thanks for a very good video.
Comment from : oh yeah!

Hi DJSHADDY, thanks for the comment, glad to hear you are enjoying the videos, Will
Comment from : willkempartschool

Up and coming artists
NIc i live haft way around that world and you skill are true need on this web sit.
Comment from : Up and coming artists

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