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Amir Rana
Comment from : Amir Rana

Levy Brandes
Does this phone allow Whatsapp and e-mail apps (like gmail)?
Comment from : Levy Brandes

1:41 Seen that somewhere before 🤔
Comment from : Seba

Does it have whatsapp and google maps
Comment from : R

Dumdom dumzkie
Hi! How to change her T9 keypad?! Tnx
Comment from : Dumdom dumzkie

D0 D0n6
where can i buy this phone?
Comment from : D0 D0n6

Ten shin
Comment from : Ten shin

Kalamar Alma Q.
No wifi?
Comment from : Kalamar Alma Q.

Joseph Maxwell
No vibration motor... this thing is an essential since 2000s
Comment from : Joseph Maxwell

Sashi Kanth
The phone is pretty nice i am using the Qin 1s+ the only draw back is no apps
Comment from : Sashi Kanth

George Corbul
Bah, I still have an old Nokia 2630, and even that's better than this thing. The snake there is also fancier. One thing this device has going for it is the bigger buttons.
Comment from : George Corbul

Great vid man really helped me out
Comment from : Sketcher

Ethan Hunt
if kts so thin i wonder wherr they put audio jack nd buzzer .hate to see it gone or follow that type c fiasco of audio
Comment from : Ethan Hunt

Imran Farid
If only this phone had camera, I would have bought it.
Comment from : Imran Farid

Marcos Garcia
Does this work in southAmerica?
Comment from : Marcos Garcia

Andhika Wibianto
what's AI phone?
Comment from : Andhika Wibianto

S1eepy Si
Duuuuude I WANNA ❤️🤧
Comment from : S1eepy Si

Nattukottai Chettinadu Samayal
Can u help me installing WhatsApp in this phone. And also help me in adding local fm channel in radio option. Is there is auto rotate option available in this phone
Comment from : Nattukottai Chettinadu Samayal

Jonathan Warner
Nice review, but nobody seems to test the WiFi hotspot feature of this phone.
Comment from : Jonathan Warner

kyra manpula
seeing this makes me wanna go back to keypads
Comment from : kyra manpula

Plz help.. I cannot use my phone bcoz i can wright txt in my message its hard to see how we use like regular keypad
Comment from : FEARLESS Driver

Kylon Gaming
О, вы из Англии?)))
Comment from : Kylon Gaming

Noah Jonas
my dad and I are switching from our iphones to these
Comment from : Noah Jonas

It looks nice but everything else about it seems to be garbage.
Comment from : fenrirdies

ToP DailY TrenDing'S
Where to buy
How to buy

Comment from : ToP DailY TrenDing'S

With a camera it would be perfect !!!
Comment from : 199gSauerkraut

Jeswin jery
Does whatsup support in this mobile? Please reply...Which is the best feature phone which support whatssup
Comment from : Jeswin jery

Nick O Malloy
ahh nice a non indian reviewer
cheers mate

Comment from : Nick O Malloy

Harry Barry
Still can't beat the Nokia 3310
Comment from : Harry Barry

Rich Beast
GTA 4 phone confirmed
Comment from : Rich Beast

glad to see the keypad is backlit 👍
Comment from : photographer-at-large

Pushkarnath Bhat
It's pronounced as in Shin not kin ..
Comment from : Pushkarnath Bhat

Braillynn Rodriguez
How is texting on this?
Comment from : Braillynn Rodriguez

Vaithiyanathan sutharsan
is that support google Contacts syng ? please reply
Comment from : Vaithiyanathan sutharsan

Does it have GPS or maps?
Comment from : Jac

resmed user
I could use this type of phone, i like how it hooks up to wifi, plays music without social media
Comment from : resmed user

Alexander Kindzerske
"You can set it to English, but it's really hard to find it if you don't know any Chinese at all."

How do you change it?! Lmaooo, don't leave us hanging.

Comment from : Alexander Kindzerske

Umar Awan
Damn it looks classy. And what's better, this might actually fit into your pockets
Comment from : Umar Awan

No Camera..!!!!
Comment from : PANKAJ INDURKAR

Vinc Tay
no word on the hardware? come on…
Comment from : Vinc Tay

Nice looking phone pity it's not 2 g though.
Comment from : uglyblokeonabike

MJ Harris
Has anyone had any luck sideloading apks to this?
Comment from : MJ Harris

Can share the 3g conection with my other phone?
Comment from : djbarandilla

Boil Person
How to buy this product in India
Comment from : Boil Person

Firdaus Azwan
Can use whatsapp with mobile data ?
Comment from : Firdaus Azwan

Павел Аврамишин
He can distribute wi-fi as a smartphone ?.
Comment from : Павел Аврамишин

sexy korean girl
wheres the AI used?
Comment from : sexy korean girl

Reminds me a lot of the HTC S740/Rose! So sleek.
Comment from : RetroSesh

ule R

Comment from : ule R

Is this phn have whats app support?
Comment from : lalvishnu

Orange Rightgold
This is made for old people. Like those jitterbugs they got in the u.s
Comment from : Orange Rightgold

Don Jacobs
If I could buy something like this that ran a normal version of Android and could do 4G hotspot I would. Like a brick phone than can do smart things but is mainly meant to be a hotspot/gateway for my tablet or computer. That would be cool.
Comment from : Don Jacobs

Is this have whatsapp
Comment from : irfan

Vegard Fjeldberg
I thought you were going to test the translator.
Comment from : Vegard Fjeldberg

Vegard Fjeldberg
Gonna buy this just for snake.
Comment from : Vegard Fjeldberg

Dude that's not a fuckin Xiaomi product
Comment from : psk

Yes Its me
can you review on its hotspot? im interested to use the phone as it.
Comment from : Yes Its me

ScudoCamper - Not Just Camping
Great review mate. Think a bar of chocolate would be nicer tbh. :)
Comment from : ScudoCamper - Not Just Camping

Raphael Strasse
OMG your pimple 😱!!!
Comment from : Raphael Strasse

Can't believe this phone gets usb type C and the Redmi lineup dont have.
Comment from : Jek

Zit. Forehead. Focus.
Comment from : Norru

Пламен Костов
the design is from LG kg320 ;)
Comment from : Пламен Костов

What app support ?
Comment from : A VG

Comment from : lacuevadelvampiro

Steve Y
Like your hand gestures👍
Comment from : Steve Y

Sort of
I am going to upgrade from Nokia Asha 501 to this if my phone breaks. :)
Comment from : Sort of

Ken S.
Thanks a ton for your in depth review of the UI (sarcasm)
Comment from : Ken S.

Mustard Pikachu
Comment from : Mustard Pikachu

ʜ̲̅ᴀ̲̅ɴ̲̅ᴋ̲̅ ʙ̲̅ɪ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴏ̲̅5̲̅
High end burner phone, good for drug dealers lol..
Comment from : ʜ̲̅ᴀ̲̅ɴ̲̅ᴋ̲̅ ʙ̲̅ɪ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴏ̲̅5̲̅

Shah Auckburaully
No video call support. Nope.
Comment from : Shah Auckburaully

Clarence Shaw
Actually, it's not a phone made by Xiaomi, and it's just a phone sold in Mi Store. What's more, it's actually a phone designed for senior people who barely mater using smart phones.
Comment from : Clarence Shaw

Aziz Faridhin
Regane piro lek bule
Comment from : Aziz Faridhin

John Doe
Jiophone is better
Comment from : John Doe

Dion Suurmond
If someone can find a phone with an actual vibrator inside, let me know, might be something my girlfriend might like
Comment from : Dion Suurmond

USB C is mandatory 2019 to sell new Phones in the EU...
Comment from : miine

Ivo Purwanto
Those phone not intended for north american and european markets, feature phone intended for south asian, african, indian, south american market because on those area the peoples and infrastructure just perfect for feature phone, not every one need instagram or twitter
Comment from : Ivo Purwanto

I want a phone like that with WhatsApp and Telegram. All other data should be off (because fck google services)
Comment from : cicada

dima ulmer
dam lets talk about that pimple
Comment from : dima ulmer

Pretty interesting phone, would love to switch to old nostalgia anywhere in future.
Comment from : Rachet

I’m so glad you pointed at the phone when you took the lid off the box because I might have missed it.
Comment from : SteeveeStrange

Simrat Precision
Buddy how to add remote device
Comment from : Simrat Precision

glitch gamer
I find this good phone useless
Comment from : glitch gamer

It's beautiful !
Comment from : FREEMAN

williams milton
This is 2019 not 85
Comment from : williams milton

Windows Vista
Is that a plastic unibody or a metal one?
Comment from : Windows Vista

Yitzhak Espinosa
Future!! :v
Comment from : Yitzhak Espinosa

Yasir Anower
Still Nokia 3310 is the winner
Comment from : Yasir Anower

KaiOS has nothing to do with Android.
Comment from : JustAMan

Leander Herman
Nou ya is te doen voor opa of oma die een smartphone nie begrijpen maar voor de rest zie er well goe uit
Comment from : Leander Herman

R Gibbons
My nan is gonna love this
Comment from : R Gibbons

Where should I get this one
Comment from : ARUN KRISHNAN A K

Astronaut Ninja
Your generation won't understand what this phone is exactly for.
Comment from : Astronaut Ninja

It’s a cool looking phone.
Comment from : MrSpeedDemon72

Comment from : ecobra169

Bradret Evelake
And this here is a #zit
Comment from : Bradret Evelake

drug dealer phone lol, pay as you go no contract.
Comment from : MajorrBison

Kucik SteadyMelody
γου иєє∂ α ϲοиϲєαℓєя мατє😂.. נυѕτ κι∂∂ιиg.
Comment from : Kucik SteadyMelody

Martin Frando
does it have wifi, so u cqn make it a wifi hotspot?
Comment from : Martin Frando

zuppa zone
I think this phone is good for parent / elder.
Comment from : zuppa zone

So it doesn't do shit?
Comment from : asmcriminaL

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