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kathleen haley
It would help if you told us what colours you are using
Comment from : kathleen haley

Mr. Wu
This orange is fucking bright.
Comment from : Mr. Wu

Better Life Now
I wouldn't call this bright orange. Pretty dull. Doesn't look like the glowing orange you need to make sunset clouds. How does one get THOSE oranges? I can get the yellows with cad yellow, but the minute I add anything like cad red, it gets dull. Even if I add titanium white.
Comment from : Better Life Now

Mikhael Agas
That looks like a dandelion
Comment from : Mikhael Agas

Shelly Lynn
Is that Cad red light or medium? And the yellow looks like medium...?
Comment from : Shelly Lynn

Annemarie Doolin
That saved me wasting any more paint, thank you!
Comment from : Annemarie Doolin

Piyal Rajapakse
how colourful wow amazing😍😱
Comment from : Piyal Rajapakse

Mohd Danish Rohi
Rani colour banane ka tarika video mein video mein muh se batao kitna kya kya Milana hai
Comment from : Mohd Danish Rohi

Tyson Hoang
Why was there purple
Comment from : Tyson Hoang

Victor Patel
Probably looks more like a holly orange to me
Comment from : Victor Patel

Cindy Siemens
Thank you That was helpful for my purpose- secretary bird
Comment from : Cindy Siemens

Hannibal's Enemy
Because cad red lt is a cool orange since it has more red than yellow, like ultramarine is cooler than Phthalo blue since it has red instead of yellow
Comment from : Hannibal's Enemy

apollo aguilar
make the color apricot.
Comment from : apollo aguilar

Catchup and mustard
Comment from : fanmaxis3004

ashok kumar
Pl guide how to get brilliant blue shade colour
Comment from : ashok kumar

•Stxrry Moon•
This is relaxing and satisfying to watch
Comment from : •Stxrry Moon•

Sexy Black Man
This Is Vermillion!
Comment from : Sexy Black Man

river water
thank you
Comment from : river water

shark vlog and game
What color does orange and yellow make?
Comment from : shark vlog and game

No Name
After watching this for a few seconds I’m like “just mix the bloody paints already!!”
Comment from : No Name

sunil kumar Nagarwal
I remember charmander at looking this colour
Comment from : sunil kumar Nagarwal

Shiny 75 IcePopVocal
What was the point of the orange paint if you can already make that orange color just by add more yellow into red unless your trying to make a different orange color but to me didnt really see any difference when you added the red and yeallow paint to mix it with the orange paint because Yellow and Red can already can make that color without adding that exact orange color you added into the paint dude such a soso video of color mixing not the best but still nice
Comment from : Shiny 75 IcePopVocal

Adrian Troalic
Why do i get the feeling that there's something more sinister going on than mixing paints? Weird! Get back move on the mix the damn colour FFS!
Comment from : Adrian Troalic

Fairyslayer Gaming
What color is that on the right? My teacher says that it's a pinkish purple
Comment from : Fairyslayer Gaming

Su Anti Kommunismus
Love it 🍊
Comment from : Su Anti Kommunismus

Hoor Khan
metion colourd name which u mixd plzz..
Comment from : Hoor Khan

KittyPlaysRoblox67 Lover
Comment from : KittyPlaysRoblox67 Lover

KittyPlaysRoblox67 Lover
I like it
Comment from : KittyPlaysRoblox67 Lover

World Music Twisted Nation
It looks red on my screen
Comment from : World Music Twisted Nation

World Music Twisted Nation
Did you quit?
Comment from : World Music Twisted Nation

Antonia Robinson
Comment from : Antonia Robinson

linoleum Bonypart
Looks more red to me
Comment from : linoleum Bonypart

Red mix yellow becone orange. Orange mix orange is bright orange?
Comment from : paullow007

Leroy Leroy
This is useless unless we know what the ratio is
Comment from : Leroy Leroy

Wow :3
Comment from : Sketchella

ravi malaji
Ravi Malaji
Comment from : ravi malaji

ravi malaji
Ravi Malaji
Comment from : ravi malaji

Neil Smith
useless without commentary regarding exactly what the three colors are
Comment from : Neil Smith

Ismail Shittu
this is pornography .....
Comment from : Ismail Shittu

Can you do more like this and can you do it in hot pink
Comment from : kashawasha

Love this so muck mostly on parshment paper
Comment from : kashawasha

Donna Hall
am seeing orange ..yellow..is that burgundy?
Comment from : Donna Hall

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