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Hunter A. M.
Let me guess, they moved to Hudson.
Comment from : Hunter A. M.

Julian Coulden
You would never be bored living there!
Comment from : Julian Coulden

Frank N. Berry
Oh yeah
Comment from : Frank N. Berry

Imagine having dinner at that table... all that shit needs to get out of the way.
Comment from : CornishPasty

Marina Martinez
It's all beautiful! Especially love that Malachite wallpaper on the ceiling. You could pick a different natural stone wallpaper for each room.
Comment from : Marina Martinez

1 Life
Who gives a damn
Comment from : 1 Life

Comment from : JR

Dolcevita USA
Even thought for me personally little bit too many things...I LOVE IT.
Comment from : Dolcevita USA

fufv fufvv
Oohhh jezus. Soul less.
Comment from : fufv fufvv

Vlad Tudor
Gay propaganda
Comment from : Vlad Tudor

Ugly apartment the green walls don't make sense. The ampunt of books is just weird. If they wanted to properly decorate it have more copper or orange decor to offset the amount of green. Also include some white or grey decors to normalize it
Comment from : ASolvie

Please don't tell me they are a couple...they look like siblings....
Comment from : 1GoldRunner

Scotty Reynolds
You should really stop covering real estate.
Comment from : Scotty Reynolds

Bawon From Da Bushes
No. My OCD would kick in.
Comment from : Bawon From Da Bushes

Vannessa Coonrod
Absolutely beautiful. Something timeless too, and a sense of being a loving refuge.
Comment from : Vannessa Coonrod

HOT 2020
Love!! Am the same
Comment from : HOT 2020

I like the swivel chairs in the living room
Comment from : stvp68

Adam c
cool. now do poor people.
Comment from : Adam c

Æolian Skinner
It's a nice scale, but everything inside looks store-bought. Nothing appears to be family pieces, not even the china and flatware. Comes across in the video like a hotel lobby.
Comment from : Æolian Skinner

Uh , yes people wallpaper ceilings. I myself covered the guest bath ceiling in black patent leather- lovely and goes with the black porcelain floor
Comment from : yvonne140

Michelle Marie
I love the background music
Comment from : Michelle Marie

William Cole
This is really beautiful and personality specific.
Comment from : William Cole

Nadine Tester
Hideous mix of design, sorry peops who love it.
Comment from : Nadine Tester

I hope they're not vegans.
Comment from : MrQbenDanny

Code Name
Pretty but at least I my untrained mind it’s seems like it’s only to look at rather than to live in.
Comment from : Code Name

Haut Jour
OOH .. so silly and homeseksul. Who ever thought of wall paper a ceiling, ha!
Comment from : Haut Jour

The high-low aesthetic is practical. I have a few antiques I love and prefer traditional furnishings, but a home full of precious furniture and objects would make it hard for me to relax.
Comment from : SmidBeach

Dani Elle
Gentrification is stealing
Comment from : Dani Elle

J. Newham
OTT......to much blink!!!
Comment from : J. Newham

Mike A. Garza
Wow Beautiful old apartment townhouse in New York interior design like Gucci and elegant built in living room , library , dining room, master bedroom, hallway and more !👬🏳️‍🌈🤑😻👍🍸🍷🥃🥂☕🥗🍇
Comment from : Mike A. Garza

Jellie Bombshell
Everything about this house is stunning - starting with the colour of the walls. There are only a few people who understand design; the rest pretend they do.
Comment from : Jellie Bombshell

“What I love about this room Is that the light is constantly changing.”

Uuuuuhhh, that happens in every room in every house. That’s how the earth’s rotation works.

Comment from : Guy

Kewl Khid
Well at least their not gay.....
Comment from : Kewl Khid

Sheila Blische
I remember that issue because of the Frenchie on the cover.🐶
Comment from : Sheila Blische

Zoba Chizobam
The hous seems so cluttered and crowded. The green and all the walls make all the spaces feel closed in and boxy. Whatever rocks their boat, I guess.
Comment from : Zoba Chizobam

Lenora Lenor
1:31 that lamp is fabulous. I want more info on lamp behind her.
Comment from : Lenora Lenor

Janet Hayes
I want to be reincarnated as a gorgeous gay man with amazing style and flair.
Comment from : Janet Hayes

Robin Piccard
Love your pour painting bowl...georgous home. I know a fabouse artist that does pour paint kings. Some of her other work I believe you would find interesting, based on your collection. Email me if interested. robin7878712@gmail.com
Comment from : Robin Piccard

teenie beenie
twas so nice the other way, fore they left
Comment from : teenie beenie

Mimi Lion
Beautiful home flowing from Beautiful Souls, expressing all from within. Blessings xxxx
Comment from : Mimi Lion

They live in a Wes Anderson wet dream!!
Comment from : SUN WARRIOR

Tilly Heal
Love this!
Comment from : Tilly Heal

Darla Horton
Classic crazy! Love it!
Comment from : Darla Horton

red crayola
Those places used to have large 🍎 families .. In the days before, 'Mother & Father and Boys & Girls', was taboo ..
Comment from : red crayola

Suzan w
It is so hard to find your match or soul mate. This couple is one...made for each other. Amazing. Cute house.
Comment from : Suzan w

Kit Coffey
The rent is too damn high! We ALL would love comfort and dignity!
Comment from : Kit Coffey

Ursa Minor
Hideously interesting
Comment from : Ursa Minor

Oh so phony and pretentious, just like their personalities
Comment from : FAL G

ID.Bhushan Kamble
I like this


Comment from : ID.Bhushan Kamble

01:21 I need that wallpaper, anyone knows where it's from!?
Comment from : AnaMariaMorenoP

after watching the one with amy sedaris, i find these people simply boring
Comment from : E.H.K

Laura Roberts
I love to watch this series and l love all the designs and the stories!!Do not ever want to go to NY.But I love I can watch this!!
Comment from : Laura Roberts

Bonnie Buckner
I can't wait to have this much money! I hope to make a difference in the lives of others with it, but redisgning a home 2x is NOT on the agenda.
Comment from : Bonnie Buckner

Alexei Romanov
Comment from : Alexei Romanov

Just love everything about this video .
Comment from : Hancockst1

I love it, it doesnt seem like to much to me. Just evry lively
Comment from : Ma'Rya

Grant Noroyan
lovely apt with million dollar accents and then 10 dollar blinds..........hmmm
Comment from : Grant Noroyan

Princess Chewie
Clean your mirrors properly....no haze
Comment from : Princess Chewie

Sandra Love
True style and elegance, with coziness all mixed in together. Love the colors and even that 'white' room. I want to live there!!
Comment from : Sandra Love

Elizabeth S
Love their light filled living room and the cosiness of their dining room
Comment from : Elizabeth S

Kevin D
i think i walked past this place while hungry with no money in my pocket. which is what new york is all about
Comment from : Kevin D

jon doe
😩💬Oh God. we got our selves couple of fruitcakes🎂🍰🍇🍏🍓
Comment from : jon doe

Danny's TV 📺
Comment from : Danny's TV 📺

Lia Summers
I bet they have fabulous dinners.
Comment from : Lia Summers

alex hancock
Lovely couple. Beautiful house. Like the library.
Comment from : alex hancock

Nikki Daniels
Whimsical Elegance.
Comment from : Nikki Daniels

Magic World
Am I the only one that finds them both a little creepy ?
Comment from : Magic World

Caloii Contapay
I love the house! ❤
Comment from : Caloii Contapay

Nice to watch! Nice Designs.

The bouginess of present day Park Slope is just so depressing. Eventually no one else can afford to live in reasonable locations in New York other than people with this much money.
Comment from : Lala

Bharat Varsha
dark & depressive !
Comment from : Bharat Varsha

joanna noel
Yikes ... at 1.05 I spotted an orange spined book upside down under a vase of orange tulips.....
Comment from : joanna noel

Evan Wilson
Please stop celebrating rich people
Comment from : Evan Wilson

Dannie Pushkin
getting a really CREEPY VIBE from these two
Comment from : Dannie Pushkin

Ak Strange
If you add a penny to the water those tulips won't droop.
Comment from : Ak Strange

Some very cool stuff, but this is a house's worth of furnishings stuffed into an apartment. Too cluttered.
Comment from : L W

I love the malachite but don’t like Wendy lol
Comment from : deelot1

Debra Boyea
I love that apartment! So beautiful and cozy.
Comment from : Debra Boyea

I like it, it’s funky a cool. I appreciate originality in the home more the the same white, black a grays that I see all the time. Too much sameness
Comment from : Borderline

Claudia Joy
Sodomy is Sin guys no money in this world is worth burning and loosing your soul!
Comment from : Claudia Joy

Would have appreciated a closer look and more of a tour rather then so much talk and little views.
Comment from : ixamxmsright

David Cattin
Of course, you wallpaper a ceiling! I would think, as a creative type, he'd know that. Fun house; a little stiff, but still livable.
Comment from : David Cattin

Temeka 42
That guy looks like Fred Armisan. This could totally be an episode from Portlandia.
Comment from : Temeka 42

Anthony Sepulveda
It’s pretty to look at but I think I would suffocate if I lived there. It’s just too much and overwhelming.
Comment from : Anthony Sepulveda

Leslie Arnelle TV
Comment from : Leslie Arnelle TV

Love the primary "Good Night Moon" green
Comment from : charlotia

Lana Stevens
pretentious fucks - too much money, too much time and not enough things to do
Comment from : Lana Stevens

Ive seen that guy with the dark hair walking in the city a few times ..this is the first time ive seen a home that i really enjoyed the colors the space the creativity the taste...bravo this was really enjoyable to watch!
Comment from : MidnightMan

Karine Sophia
Cool AF!
Comment from : Karine Sophia

Aurora James
so cluttered so gay. the high mixture in the gallery consist of a finger paintings. i cant. and all people in the comments can think of is more and more money. youre better off buying a $250 house in the south and taking weekend trips to new york or wherever.
Comment from : Aurora James

Mar Co
Comment from : Mar Co

Paul Baldwin
How sweet!
Comment from : Paul Baldwin

Nellie Vanellie
Happy for this couple, nice to look into their home and its decor but so far removed from my life; they have no worries like mine, worries over my kids and life in general when you are a mom of 60 years and still working to support and pray for peace and security for my kids and loved ones; wish i were more carefree like these two happy guys
Comment from : Nellie Vanellie

Tina Schlobohm
These beautiful apartments remind me of Christmas and I don't know why.
Comment from : Tina Schlobohm

Andrew Brendan
At 2:07, isn't the house in the background Grey Gardens?
Comment from : Andrew Brendan

Mary Motherofgod
U. Too r adorable I’m from BK too blessings 😻😻😻
Comment from : Mary Motherofgod

E J Gallo
What do these two creative gentlemen do for a living?
Comment from : E J Gallo

I love it. If I got an invitation from them, I'd be delighted. If I could house sit while they're having an amazing trip, I'd totally do it. And I think I can take some ideas away to apply to my own house.
Comment from : Spunkymunky

Not my style
Comment from : Konstantinovich1

Sawyer Ramos
my take-away is HELL NO! too over stimulating.
Comment from : Sawyer Ramos

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