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In 2015 my Uni made everyone use an app to sign into classes - I didn't have a smartphone and couldn't, and would constantly get aggressive emails from the administration about attendance. I genuinely miss not having a smartphone but it's not worth the hassle of the systems that don't account for it!!
Comment from : littlearguer

You could always try blocking/deleting some apps?
Comment from : catbeara

Wolf 101
I have no phone for one year
Comment from : Wolf 101

Sj Cap
Great review if you have a laptop or tablet try Riot can be run and if work move to riot problem solved.
Comment from : Sj Cap

What’s on your bed at 3:26?
Comment from : RØSE AZTEC

Skye LX
Did anyone else see the phone on the bed at 3:19
Comment from : Skye LX

The Tuareg
People just have to understand that they need to use the smartphone as a tool, for communication and other convenient things like camera, maps, online banking. They have to get rid of the time consuming social media and stuff like that.
Comment from : The Tuareg

I have a few "smart" phones around, but recent picked up a Nokia 3310 3G for a bit of fun and a change of pace. Mostly probably because I'm a bit of a boring hermit, not being on pop social media platforms anyway. Either way though, it's refreshingly different than these generic interactive rectangles we've grown accustomed to. Cheers.
Comment from : WR3ND

XD at my school ( High School ) we aren’t allowed phones ( WE CAN KEEP ‘EM ON SILENT BTW )( BTW I AIN’T LITTLE I HAVE 8 PLUS I HAD 7 PLUS IN JUNIOR SCHOOL XD NOT MUCH A CHANGE ) anyways the kid’s phone started ringing and when she had to give it in front of the class XD she went all red and everyone was LAUGHING ( INCLUDING ME 😐 )❗️❗️❗️

Santa Ung
it fake u can see the iphone on the bed
Comment from : Santa Ung

I need a dumb phone I got in trouble in class for using a smartphone
Comment from : Nice

Ashlynn Milford
Here in Texas I have been homeless and had to literally survive with no phone riding the bus with print out instructions or it written down hastily. It was so hard and makes me thankful for having a phone. Even getting up and going to work on time was hard or going to important events.
Comment from : Ashlynn Milford

Abz Daily
Yo can see her phone

Comment from : Abz Daily

Very late but Quiplash I think is on Jackbox games. At least in mine.
Comment from : sarairina

It's a beauty! All you really need.
Comment from : RBR

what if we all just decide to stop using smart phones. I really hope someone does start this movement and get it into mainstream like veganism and minimalism. I'd definitely be the first to join. But because it's not mainstream people will not understand :(
Comment from : Yuzan

Shareen Khan
This video needs to be done by so many people !!
Comment from : Shareen Khan

Sxox x
‘i wanted to check the Barclays app to see if i had enough money for a boots meal deal’ - CREASING 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Sxox x

Richard Gardner
just ordered a 8110 today, it has whatsapp (the one thing I think you cant go without now) and you can use it as a hotspot for your laptop if you NEED access to the internet for tickets/ banking etc
Comment from : Richard Gardner

Noah Shubert
We already saw your iphone in a calypso so
Comment from : Noah Shubert

Lucas Dunn
I've dropped my smartphone from on top of a fan on my ceiling and it didn't break it's not that bad.
Comment from : Lucas Dunn

Rhea Lemons
3:26 bruh you got an iPad there it's just like a phone your a cheater no offense
Comment from : Rhea Lemons

Mikey Rose
I spent three years with a Nokia brick phone 😐
Comment from : Mikey Rose

Mars Solnicka
Nokia is actually coming out with a flip phone in a couple weeks that has whatsapp! Love this video! :)
Comment from : Mars Solnicka

Love this challenge! Tips for making the switch: keep a GPS in the car and use your laptop to check social media. My husband switched to a flip phone two years ago and LOVES it.
Comment from : stella956a

Stanislav Pavlov
My first phone was a Motorola C155 that my dad gave me because he didn't want it back in 2007...bloody loved that thing 😂
I must say that my favorite phones have been the really basic ones

Comment from : Stanislav Pavlov

Rina Roberts-Whyte
I did this for a month last year to raise money for charity and honestly, after the first week I just got used to it. As you said I just had to check thinsga at home and organise plans before I left the house. I enjoyed it tbh
Comment from : Rina Roberts-Whyte

mahmoud ahmed
I think it's a good idea to use old Nokia Lumia phone the windows phone is dead it has no social apps but it has maps and a browser if you need in emergency or what do you think
Comment from : mahmoud ahmed

You seem like a nice girl. I hope you stay off the smartphone.
Comment from : unlockthepower

Shireesha Reddy Gurram
Unihertz Titan is best choice.
Comment from : Shireesha Reddy Gurram

Charley Baylor
Thank you for sharing great video yeah i remember those old basic mobile phones back in the day my mum still has a basic phone and uses it well haha very interesting thank you I wish you all the best Peace :)
Comment from : Charley Baylor

Anjel -
Thank you for pronouncing Nokia correctly
Comment from : Anjel -

Emerson Keeling
i've done this before, but after the month I normally cave. I am going to try it again with a Xperia Mini Pro, because its a little more modern. Its hard to find a balance on which phones you can "go back to" because not everyone wants to use a flip phone. Lets see how this attempt goes!
Comment from : Emerson Keeling

If you miss talking to your friends on what's app you could just, you know, call them. Brick phones are really useful for that.
Comment from : Yumypop

Richard L
iPad on the bed at 3 mins
Comment from : Richard L

Personally what I do was I have two prepaid sims: one personal for calls and texts, one for online. The personal sim goes to my Nokia C1-02 or 1280 just for calls/texts and the other sim is for online. So if I'm going to a sketchy place I can just leave the smartphone at home and they can contact me via GSM
Comment from : ermonski

I haven't had a phone for 5 years because we had to tighten our budget. I have health issues, and can't work. So, I am at home, except for a few times per month that my husband and I run errands and visit people. I use our desktop computer, a tablet (for when I am laid up in bed and can barely move), and regular mail (post) to communicate with people and find out what's happening in the world. If a phone call needs to be made, such as making appointments or resolving a bill dispute, I wait until my husband is home from work to use his phone. I've noticed I do not use social media as much since not having a phone. There are some things that make me feel left out because of not having one (i.e. coupons and deals for stores and restaurants only available on apps, and not having a camera always available), but I remind myself that we are able to pay our bills (including medical) and purchase the special food I need by me not having a phone. :)
Comment from : Littlemsgoth

Emma307 _
Seriously love all of your videos. You always manage a little twist on the classic “challenge” type videos. Bloomin’ love it
Comment from : Emma307 _

The other 5% are drug dealers
Comment from : HIGH HAT

Safety first baby
Comment from : Tao男人

Lucy Wells
i really think this shows how dependant our society is on having a phone. like where Grace was noticing where she needed a phone for certain things, it kind of just shows that our society has adapted and grown to the point where we need our technology. like these days people arent gonna whip out a map when they have a satnav or maps on their phone, and the idea of using a paper map just sounds mad because a lot of people dont know how to map read (myself included honestly). And like at her youth club with the kahoot style thing, i know in my class at college we use it a lot and if anyone didnt have a phone that supported it they would even go as far as missing out on good revision. like the advancing technology around phones and things has made us adapt our lives around it and change the way we live, and i couldnt say whether that was a good thing or a bad thing

but yeah thats just my thoughts, probably stating the obvious :)

Comment from : Lucy Wells

Eve Sterio
You had your iPad x
Comment from : Eve Sterio

Jenna Sullivan
Question. Why do you use WhatsApp? I know what it is but I only ever use it if my friends are across seas. Does your iPhone not do iMessage
Comment from : Jenna Sullivan

Jet van der Graaff
idk if this is even a relevant story, but because you said you love reading comments hahha: I have been living without a phone for about 2 months now, not because I wanted to but just because it was broken and 70 other things happened. But tbh I really love it now, I just feel way more connected to the world for some reason. When I am at home I communicate with my friends through fb messenger. Otherwise I just don't care anymore about "keeping up" with al the socialmedia etc. You said things about being in a disadvantage because of not having a phone (or not being able to organise things), but the nice thing is that i can just let go of stuff like that now, which is nothing like me
Comment from : Jet van der Graaff

April Simonson
At 3:25 she has her smartphone on her freaking bed.😂
Comment from : April Simonson

Tara Redmond
Nokia blockia
Comment from : Tara Redmond

Lightphone 2 :)
Comment from : Sander

my phone got stolen and I live abroad and didn't have money for a new one so had to wait 9 days til my mum sent me an old one and the things I missed were 100% maps, alarm clock and Spotify and it was kind of bittersweet when I got a phone again because for those 9 days when I was out and about I was like "hmm I wonder if someone is looking for me" and then being like "eh well whatever cause they can't get me lol" and then when I got a phone again it was like heck I have to like keep up with people again oh man haha
Comment from : erinokaz

Luna's View
At the summer camp, I go to we aren't allowed to bring any electronics and since it's Sunday through Saturday we go without all of it for a week and to be quite honest it feels great and you can sleep a lot better and your more active with other people around you. Highly suggest doing the challenge it really does feel quite great!
Comment from : Luna's View

Comment from : gEO

Jessica Eaves
You should do a no social media for a week
Comment from : Jessica Eaves

honey hoehoe
My mum still uses that nokia brick phone because she's not accustomed to texting. I still have fun playing snake xenzia on her phone tho, that's the best part about it xx
Comment from : honey hoehoe

L Jaanisoo
You were still on your Ipad tho
Comment from : L Jaanisoo

Grace M
3:24 there is a phone
Comment from : Grace M

Akira Valencia
Mon-sat is 6 days
Comment from : Akira Valencia

my boyfriend keeps saying hes going to get a brick phone.
but he is from india and has 2000 family members (tamils...) and they all ring/whatsapp/message him non stop all day. i dont think it's reasonable lol

Comment from : bisiilki

Your cheating. There’s an iPad literally laying on your bed with a video half watched.
Comment from : Shannon

I have a problem of my own. In my house we dint have the internet. For several reason, the quality isn't great and we genuinely can't afford it. So I have been forced to use my phone as a computer for schoolwork while I was in school. I have a laptop to type papers but I had to either go to the library( I already practically live there) or do my own work at home. Any research was on my phone, once the paper was finished I had to transfer it via USB or Bluetooth then turn it in. We'll that's all for story time.
Comment from : TheFraggler

Rachel Davis
My phone broke a couple of years ago. I was 19, and instead of getting a new smart phone I bought a £5 phone for emergencies just to see what it would be like and it was so much easier than I thought. I went from March - August (my birthday is in August so I got a new phone for my birthday) without a smartphone. I still had a laptop though so that’s kind of cheating, however I was working over 12 hours a day so I didn’t have much laptop time
Comment from : Rachel Davis

Island Gyal
Grace’s face is symmetrical. It’s beautiful
Comment from : Island Gyal

Eludiastar 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
That "brick" is so small compared to my first mobile. My first phone when I was 18 was the Motorola M3788e. And the screen on that was small & monochrome.
Comment from : Eludiastar 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

This is literally the phone I have all the time. Hilarious that people call it a brick when it's far smaller and lighter than a 'smart' phone. Plus costs £10 and won't immediately break when dropped. People who spend £400 a year on a new phone that spies on them are dumb...
Comment from : thedarkness111

Tristan Leach
If I was going to do this challenge
Non smartphone Nokia 6500 clasic from 2007 it's stylish has 3g and 1gig of memory 😂 for music

Comment from : Tristan Leach

Victoria Courtenay
Literally watching this instead of studying for organic chemistry
Comment from : Victoria Courtenay

Emma Pitt
You didn’t use your smartphone for 5 days but still used a tablet that you can check social media on
Comment from : Emma Pitt

When I was 16 I was in a children’s hospital for 5/6 months only outpatients were aloud smartphones and inpatients weren’t aloud a phone with a camera this is literally the phone I had for months it sucked
Comment from : Asheleven

Eefje van der Gronden
You can also try to set off your notifications, therefore you will only check your social media, WhatsApp etc. when you’re not busy with something or when you think of it. I don’t have any of my notifications on and it makes me so much happier 😊
Comment from : Eefje van der Gronden

Aleksandra Grąbkowska
I come from the Xennial (early Millennial) generation which survived the teens and early to mid 20s without smartphones. And you know what? Life wasn't more difficult without social media and even without Google Maps. It was even easier to meet new people and also to explore new areas, because then people used to talk to each other.
Comment from : Aleksandra Grąbkowska

3:26 she had her phone?
Comment from : Kennedy

Olvedi Blanka
The irony... You go 5 days without your smartphone and I bet 90% of your viewers are watching this on a smartphone
Comment from : Olvedi Blanka

harvey Miskelly
Your videos are always so entertaining I acc love them
Comment from : harvey Miskelly

I need to try this!
What I would suggest for getting a new phone but you don’t want such an updated one is getting an earlier version of the iPhone like maybe an iPhone 5 or even an iPod because you still have all the apps you need.

Comment from : LottieGiraffe11

This is the exact phone I have as a work phone, NHS finest 😂
Comment from : SuperRoxie99

Megan Younger
If you need to stay in touch...just call them!!
Comment from : Megan Younger

Elisa Skaggs
Peep the iPad at 3:25
Comment from : Elisa Skaggs

ddlc weeb
I have a Nokia Brick. People use it against me. Also, I put my last one on a Radiator then it broke.
Comment from : ddlc weeb

Sabrina 1441
Also - girl, you call that a brick?! You should try carrying around one of those actually brick-sized cellphones from the early 90s. Now THAT would be weird...and hilarious.

Actually it would be cool to see you do a 'Living like a 90s kid challenge' for a week. If you went by my 90s experience then that means: no cellphone, no computer, no iPod. XD You can carry around a beeper, a CD discman/Walkman and a non-digital camera, that's basically the limit of your technology. If you use a computer, its use should be limited to the types of programs and games that were available back then - which would severely limit your social media.

I'd certainly find it an interesting personal challenge for myself, to see if I could live like that again for a week. Who knows? In this day and age, it could end up feeling like a vacation. 🌺

Comment from : Sabrina 1441

Sabrina 1441
I actually refused to get a cellphone for most of my adult life. For years my mom would keep trying to persuade me to get a cell, saying I could get one for the same cost as my landline. Anyway, I finally cracked two years ago and got one and now, while being really useful in some ways when I'm out of the house, it's honestly just a huge time suck. lol I mean, I probably waste at least three or four a day just watching random nonsense and playing games when I could be doing more useful, and more personally fulfilling, things. It's kind of a problem to be honest. lol
Comment from : Sabrina 1441

lunachick613 88
You dont sound annoying because you want to use your phone you were raised in a generation with better technology thats not your fault.
Comment from : lunachick613 88

rabbit quartet
I love my phone because I have found some really nice people and made friends with. Xxx
Comment from : rabbit quartet

Kaja Sky
I remember having the coolest Sony Ericsson phone/mp3 player.
Comment from : Kaja Sky

Megan King
why is there 3 dislikes?! freaking love you Grace wow
Comment from : Megan King

The Nokia 103 is good.
Comment from : D0P3 REMIX

honey bunches
I understand the phone thing! I used to be addicted to electronic media, I got rid of social media (which was hard) but I like it better this way! But I understand in your position it’s a bit necessary
Comment from : honey bunches

Ell //
Some of my friends actually have a brick phone and an iPod Touch so that they can put away the iPod when they don't need it or don't want to be bothered but they will always have their brick phone for emergencies. That might be a option for you too 😊
Comment from : Ell //

100% 0%
I spend like 15h/day on my phone im a freaking zombie at this point, but i typically lose my phone every 6 months and then sleep on getting a new one for another 6 months so... i guess that balances it out? Smh :')
Comment from : 100% 0%

garry kimovich
Why can't you just call your friends or schoolmates and talk?
Comment from : garry kimovich

Unicorn Jessica
Please can you do an what’s on my iPhone xx
Comment from : Unicorn Jessica

Jordan Nelson
The irony that I'm watching this on my phone 😂
Comment from : Jordan Nelson

hello how did you do to import the address book?
Comment from : shasta

Beresford Salmon
You could have installed WhatsApp on your laptop. There is also a web app. This would have made it easier to catch up. I wouldn't have considered that cheating.
Comment from : Beresford Salmon

Jami Womack
I still miss my old Nokia. It flipped sideways and you could text with both thumbs. Fast fun and did all I needed at the time.
Comment from : Jami Womack

Ramzisk a
This iš not a brick
Comment from : Ramzisk a

Benton B.C.
Get a Nokia 8110! It has maps and WhatsApp is coming soon.
Comment from : Benton B.C.

emilyanne films
Literally back to an old phone like the one you have in this video as someone pick pocketed my iPhone today in westfield :( and then i remembered this video you made and remembered thinking i could never do that ha ha ha....what are the odds lol one month later
Comment from : emilyanne films

Hannah Jones
I didn’t get my iPhone till 2014 I absouly loved my Nokia c5 phone. Now having a smartphone I don’t know how I would go back lol
Comment from : Hannah Jones

Maddie Reeve
watching every ad all the way through so my girl Grace can get her meal deal!!!
Comment from : Maddie Reeve

resmed user
I has a nokia 3310, the battery lasted a long time. I sometimes wished they would allow it on 4g networks
Comment from : resmed user

Francesca Jobson
Hello !! How do you do that editing at the beginning of your videos where you write things yourself on the powerpoint ?? It's so so cool !!!
Comment from : Francesca Jobson

David Amaral
Hi, enjoyed your video, I can relate! I used a smartphone since 10th grade and in retrospective I shouldn't have bought it - so distracting that it affected my grades in a way. For two months now I've been using solely a nokia Brick Phone and it's safe to say my smartphone bad habits have gone away because it's technically impossible to have the same experience with a brick phone.

Some good perks of downgrading are that you create space for better things, I guess. I've been stargazing, reading books, learning to skate :)

Have you heard of the Light Phone? It's a simple phone - texts, phone calls, alarm, no internet browser and possibly it's going to have some sort of maps feature (still in development).

There's also some other "minimalistic" phones like Kunft and even some nokias that have been relaunched.

Some smartphone apps enable features like restricting app usage, so that you can still use a smartphone.


Comment from : David Amaral

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