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That means no annoying selfies and duck faces. This is awesome.

Comment from : dicetaro

Ram Priyan
Promo code not working
Comment from : Ram Priyan

Prabhu Kr
Comment from : Prabhu Kr

Ahsan Soomro
the main issue is on this phone is camera and ear phone jack
Comment from : Ahsan Soomro

sulthan ahamed
Hi, is this phone in use whatsapp & Google pay and facebook.
Please answer me

Comment from : sulthan ahamed

Mukesh Maini
Language English Phone
Comment from : Mukesh Maini

nadeem khan
Bhai iski sim tray kese milegi mujhe chahiae
Comment from : nadeem khan

Please mention SAR VALUE

Noyon Islam
Bangladesh price....?
Comment from : Noyon Islam

Oshaf Khan Khan
Sir iski sim tray kaise milegi mujhe required hai
Comment from : Oshaf Khan Khan

jayakrishna paramati
Is there to set picture to contacts
Comment from : jayakrishna paramati

Ankit Agarwal

Keyboard input language issue....

Plz help...

Comment from : Ankit Agarwal

Sharif Khan Khan
Good. Nice. Fhone.s
Comment from : Sharif Khan Khan

Subodh Kumar
Jio phone INR 699 4G FEATURE PHONE
Comment from : Subodh Kumar

Anan Datta
How much???
Comment from : Anan Datta

Purshottam Kumar
Hi, can anyone tell me how to install/ re-activate keyboard in this phone. I have lost the keyboard somehow during R&D. I have read on the net that somebody has installed a QIN pad keyboard. If anyone knows it, please respond. Thank you.
Comment from : Purshottam Kumar

rajan choudhary
your video is copied by ROY TECHNICAL
Comment from : rajan choudhary

Vishal Pandey
No 📷
Comment from : Vishal Pandey

Amarnath B K
Any jio phone fans???
Comment from : Amarnath B K

বাউল মিডিয়া
বাংলা দেশ থিকে কেনার কোন সিস্টাম আছে
Comment from : বাউল মিডিয়া

This phone looks amazing.
Comment from : ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360

நம்ம நாட்டு மருந்து- namma nattu marundu
price 7000
wow very very cheap mobile thanks to upload the video

Comment from : நம்ம நாட்டு மருந்து- namma nattu marundu

Movies Maniaa
Waste of time to watch this video
Comment from : Movies Maniaa

Movies Maniaa
Have you gone mad Or Psycho
This mobile cost is 7000rs

Comment from : Movies Maniaa

Adv Avinash P A
Whether the jio sim will work in this phone
Comment from : Adv Avinash P A

Muhammad Kashif
But not 1 camera
Comment from : Muhammad Kashif

Anil Gautam
Nice phone
Comment from : Anil Gautam

This phone is a total flop that's for sure sorry xiaomi your toasted
Comment from : 20&savage

Sudhir BN punith
Comment from : Sudhir BN punith

Ranjan kumar
In this available in market
Comment from : Ranjan kumar

Nagaraj Goud
I am experting 500
Comment from : Nagaraj Goud

Channel Entertainment
Is available play store fb & whatsapp
Comment from : Channel Entertainment

Akคsђ KumสR
No Torch Light or Flashlight
No Triple slot for SD Card and Dedicated Sim Slot
No camera on front or back or even Flash

Total Garbage 📞 handset a big flop compared to the cheapest Feature phones.

Comment from : Akคsђ KumสR

Manish Kumar
Vrey good
Comment from : Manish Kumar

Nunbi Khan
Comment from : Nunbi Khan

Veera K
Is this xioami? (Not xiaomi)
Comment from : Veera K

ashok kumar
Ashok kumar
Comment from : ashok kumar

sudheerbabu gummadi
How much sir
Comment from : sudheerbabu gummadi

Romeo Raja
Can we use jiophone plans?
Comment from : Romeo Raja

Romeo Raja
Does it can be used like jiophone?
Comment from : Romeo Raja

Suresh Krishna
Wrong calculation about current Indians...Now even a pani Poori seller upgraded to smart phones.
Comment from : Suresh Krishna

samad shaik
This Phone Is Expect Only In 2000rs
Comment from : samad shaik

Surendra kumar Bharati
What's the price of this phone.
Comment from : Surendra kumar Bharati

Itne me to Accha sa smartphone aa jayga
Comment from : ABHINAV Gupta

Bunty786 Bunty786
Cemera nhi hai phone ka
Comment from : Bunty786 Bunty786

Suraj Singh
Kab aayega ye phone
Comment from : Suraj Singh

Rosun Zoc
Agar yeko blackberry ka jo model ata tha ustara banayenge to aur bhi aacha hota
Comment from : Rosun Zoc

Chandra kala
Because of no camera and ear phone ,etc there for I don't like
Comment from : Chandra kala

Raihan Hossion
Very Bad Battery
Comment from : Raihan Hossion

Partha Banerjee
Koto dam
Comment from : Partha Banerjee

SZAR max
You deserve a credit.
Comment from : SZAR max

Jio vs xiamomi smart phone...war
Comment from : floweringminds

vera kumar
Does it supports jio LTE sim??
Comment from : vera kumar

Wheelsible Whistles
best quality looking design
Comment from : Wheelsible Whistles

Ashiq Ali
Santish raju bhai xiaomi qin 4g phone kab milrga
Comment from : Ashiq Ali

Nattukottai Chettinadu Samayal
Did this phone have auto rotate option
Comment from : Nattukottai Chettinadu Samayal

Ashish Agrawal
How to change language from chinese to english
Comment from : Ashish Agrawal

Ankit Kumar
Bhai eska price bahut jayada hai 6000 OMG
Comment from : Ankit Kumar

Amit Mahanta
আমার বড় ভাই চীন থেকে ২৫/০৭/২০১৯ তারিখে ফোনটা পাঠিয়েছে (কালো রং) আমি ফোনটা বিক্রি করব । যোগাযোগ ০১৫১৫৬২৪৭৭৫
Comment from : Amit Mahanta

Ajay Kumar
Nice omg
Comment from : Ajay Kumar

Parveen Parveen
Camera hai ya nahi
Comment from : Parveen Parveen

Sorabh thakur ji 399
Camera isn't availble ?
Comment from : Sorabh thakur ji 399

Surendra Lodha
Comment from : Surendra Lodha

Sai's Sari Sari
does the text messages looked threaded?
Comment from : Sai's Sari Sari

Sayeeda Faridi
This phone not camera
Comment from : Sayeeda Faridi

Zaigam Ali
Price kitni he
Comment from : Zaigam Ali

Zaigam Ali
Camera he
Comment from : Zaigam Ali

neo 98
Sir how to change language to english?
Comment from : neo 98

Rahul Singh Tomar
Me 4 Tech  please send an update whenever it is launched in India. I really don't know why Mi not invested in it here, because there is a huge business opportunity overhere for this lovely "Without camera yet 4G feature phone". I think you should also make Mi reminded about it...
Comment from : Rahul Singh Tomar

Sunil Kumar
यह कितने का है
Comment from : Sunil Kumar

Rahul Behl
Can the contacts be synced with Google in real time?
Comment from : Rahul Behl

Артём Гирин
На хер я смотрю эту херню ....
Comment from : Артём Гирин

manirathnam ponnana
Price in India
Comment from : manirathnam ponnana

Vikrant Thakur
No headphone jack☹️
Comment from : Vikrant Thakur

Imran Khan
price 2000 hona cahiye lastly bas usse jaida nhi warna bekar ho jayega
Comment from : Imran Khan

Imran Khan
kam se kam Jio phone se t Laakh guna better phone h
Comment from : Imran Khan

all movies in hindi
Hindi me banaoge to jyada fayda hai broo
Comment from : all movies in hindi

Ankit Parjapat
I like redmi 5a
Comment from : Ankit Parjapat

deelip daiya
Redmi ko kis baat ka darr h ko ek saal se lgatar iski releasing date aage hi badhata ja raha h? Koi batayega
Comment from : deelip daiya

H.K status
How to change keyboard
Comment from : H.K status

Gayatri Porwal
Kitne ka hai???
Comment from : Gayatri Porwal

Amit Jha
The price is 6967 rupee who wants to buy this this phone
Any foolish people buy the phone in 7k more than option available in market
The price should 2 k is good

Comment from : Amit Jha

Kha h Bhai tock to Hindi angregiyan ji
Comment from : CHAMAN LAHARE

ajay panchireddy
Where we can buy this mobile bro
Comment from : ajay panchireddy

Arup Dutta
Bakuwas phone hai 4g phone but no camera ,Jio Phone is better
Comment from : Arup Dutta

Rupesh Sagvekar
Cost is to high
Comment from : Rupesh Sagvekar

Suraj Raz
Comment from : Suraj Raz

Bharat Saxena
Hindi me
Comment from : Bharat Saxena

Price is too much 6929₹
Comment from : 『PIRATE』 GAME

live Happy
Bhai 5000 main smart touching phone aayega ese jadha function wala
Comment from : live Happy

Tawhid Hasan Sami
No Camera? Bekaar mobile hai ye

Comment from : Tawhid Hasan Sami

Arbaz Shaikh
Aisa kya kahs baat hai is phone mai no camera ise realme c2 lele
Comment from : Arbaz Shaikh

sanshaptik das
Inspired by jio phone
Comment from : sanshaptik das

Amar Mohite
Abey camera kidhr he
Comment from : Amar Mohite

I.H Sohan
Wow awesome phone
Comment from : I.H Sohan

Prabhu barman Prabhu barman
Hindi nahi aati ka
Comment from : Prabhu barman Prabhu barman

Vk18msd7 msd
Jio phone is far better than this
Comment from : Vk18msd7 msd

Funny Shotss
Redmi 6a lele yrr...6k ka aa jayega.
Comment from : Funny Shotss

andro dunia
It can't beat our legendary jio phone 😂😂
Comment from : andro dunia

Nanda Kiswar
Camera no
Comment from : Nanda Kiswar

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