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0:57 I have that phone.
Comment from : SonicTheHedgehogFan2019

Grant Goldberg
A flip phone that supports YouTube is a smartphone. YouTube is what I'm trying to get rid of. I'm god damn addicted to it.
Comment from : Grant Goldberg

Excuse me it’s a hand held computer with telephone app . Or a small tablet computer with a telephone built in .
Option to cancel my “smart phone “ plan use my ATT pay per use phone that cost $100 a year . Use my “smart phone “ or ipad for a portable computer .
So why should people do this ?
Thank you

Comment from : vmobile890

anthony abanador
2nd comment here i want the nokia 2720 flip
Comment from : anthony abanador

Black cat photography
Not overwhelming but very annoying and a piece of crap. Half of app programmers do not know what they do. If someone should answer that's not true. Oh yeah then let me mention a Facebook. I have canceled half of all app I had. Plus I really tired of charging all the time. They are also very expensive. And people walk around like zombies.
Comment from : Black cat photography

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