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Bo Dudas
love these videos
Comment from : Bo Dudas

Sana Faheem
excellent video for kids😊
Comment from : Sana Faheem

himai amezcua
my baby sister favorite color is all of the colors and she like all of your songs.
Comment from : himai amezcua

beloufa maryam menna
Merci beaucoup .
Comment from : beloufa maryam menna

Mark Azamar
I love green 💚 that's my favorite color green 💚
Comment from : Mark Azamar

Flower Pot
the singing is too high, otherwise amazing job +ChuChutv
Comment from : Flower Pot

Madina Abdulla
Love her dress
Comment from : Madina Abdulla

princess bolvider
my cousin love chu chu tv. i hope there a lot new aong we can watch.. he watch chuchu tv even we dont have an internet.
Comment from : princess bolvider

Esmeralda Gutierrez
I love these these videos are great
Comment from : Esmeralda Gutierrez

Comment from : Tharmaseelan

Sabrena Bohannan
I like the way that you at the end a little girl said thank you bye!😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Sabrena Bohannan

Манана Лобжанидзе
Comment from : Манана Лобжанидзе

Dayana Arcia
My daughter enjoy the videos and she star learning a lot stuff beside she star speak 2 lenguaje and also I learned how to speak better English Thanks for sharing the videos
Comment from : Dayana Arcia

turab ali
nice video
Comment from : turab ali

Hemraj Rai
Comment from : Hemraj Rai

Kayla Masoperh
I have a 1 year old little brother that likes to watch
Comment from : Kayla Masoperh

william danny
i love. this song
Comment from : william danny

Sft Junior
best video ever
Comment from : Sft Junior

Tan Harefa
Comment from : Tan Harefa

sara kuper
Useful and fun channel !!! I Express my gratitude !
Comment from : sara kuper

Pinky Roxy
Make a yellow color song please my son's favorite color
Comment from : Pinky Roxy

Jwalant Mistry
Comment from : Jwalant Mistry

Sean Thecrusher
I have to show my baby bro!!! he is a baby.
Comment from : Sean Thecrusher

Marcelle Philip
my daughter and my son love chu chu TV
Comment from : Marcelle Philip

Asrat Mengiste
i like the theme
Comment from : Asrat Mengiste

queen rani
nice song to learn colors
Comment from : queen rani

Ameera Jabbar
my sister is loving this love you chu chu tv
Comment from : Ameera Jabbar

Sapna Singh
gud one
Comment from : Sapna Singh

Sutamah Suwagi
chu chu tv...mmmuuuaaaahhh
Comment from : Sutamah Suwagi

The Green City37
love this song
Comment from : The Green City37

Samantha Francesca Agoncillo
late notif should be first. =))
Comment from : Samantha Francesca Agoncillo

Aafrin Kachchi
good one
Comment from : Aafrin Kachchi

Syed Amer
i say is very good thing
Comment from : Syed Amer

Richard Stiven Cifuentes Roldan
hola me puedes saludar
Comment from : Richard Stiven Cifuentes Roldan

Aleem Khan
first comment ma baby just watch
Comment from : Aleem Khan

Aleem Khan
ohh nyc
Comment from : Aleem Khan

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