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So... where’s the movie????
Comment from : Masterwitch

Rycard Appu George
Comment from : Rycard Appu George

Semsem Eini
Speechless! Wow!
Comment from : Semsem Eini

Ehsan Mansouri
It made me to cry!
Comment from : Ehsan Mansouri

Black Sifichi
What an amazing man - expo of Adolfo Kaminsky's photography at the mahJ in Paris until the 8 december 2019. 71 Rue du Temple, 75003.
Comment from : Black Sifichi

P Last Name
"But there are so many corpses." It gave me goosebumps when he said that.
Comment from : P Last Name

Christina Penner
A kid saving kids what a hero.
Comment from : Christina Penner

Jack Kuncze
Wonderful person
Comment from : Jack Kuncze

Jack Kuncze
Wonderful person
Comment from : Jack Kuncze

Jack Kuncze
Wonderful person
Comment from : Jack Kuncze

skb bab
And G-D only knows, how many more heroes were there?!
Thank you.

Comment from : skb bab

There are parts where I can feel regret in his voice, as if there are people he wasn't able to save back then :(
Comment from : Reviathan

Lv Garcia
A squirrel 🐿 lol how cute.
Comment from : Lv Garcia

My favorite documentry...:)
It is really a great work.:) A great man never add his work but do it silently whenever world needs him most...

Comment from : ticeae

Paolo Pena
Nominate him for a noble peace prize
Comment from : Paolo Pena

Nicky OldfieldDesciple
That was amazing . What an amazing beautiful man.. A true hero.
Comment from : Nicky OldfieldDesciple

Amazing!! Make his life story into a movie!!
Comment from : gorgeouss79

Jeffrey Richardson
Comment from : Jeffrey Richardson

Jeffrey Richardson
There is power in paper.
Comment from : Jeffrey Richardson

billy jenkins
Comment from : billy jenkins

Walkin' Tall
Wow. I dont think they make ppl like this nowadays.
He presents a great point...
What do you do when your govt is guilty of great atrocities, and the RIGHT thing is now illegal?
Do you do the wrong things just to stay alive even though doing that might still get you and your family killed?
Or do you do the right thing, risking your life and your family and friends lives trying to save thousands?

Comment from : Walkin' Tall

Wow i wish i heard of this years ago. amazing story.
Comment from : KarIgnishaYumi

A miraculous human being, such a stark contrast with motives of the despots of the world. I humbly thank him.
Comment from : diane9247

wow, what a hero! beautiful documentary!

the end makes me wonder how many disciples he may have spread throughout the world who continue his work. :3

Comment from : Mycel

My Mind Is Blown.
Comment from : Valhalla

Paulo Gaviola
that's a good man, right there. Amazing story!
Comment from : Paulo Gaviola

Dick Bal
Excellent documentary
Comment from : Dick Bal

DMA Spanish Youtube
Nice video! I used it for one of my classes! Thanks
Comment from : DMA Spanish Youtube

God Bless you...Your story has fascinated and inspired me endlessly, thank you.
Comment from : 137gatocholo

Alype juju
there is a french documentary about this man and its really really impressive and interesting.
Comment from : Alype juju

Oristo42 _
It's been one year, but I still come back time to time to watch this documentary. Truly, he was a great man.
Comment from : Oristo42 _

Helder Onetti
Comment from : Helder Onetti

Richard Saltman
What a treasure. Love you, Adolfo Kaminsky.
Comment from : Richard Saltman

Fyi, I usually immediately turn off the video when I see there are just subtitles instead of translators so I can listen to "their" voices instead of just read throughout the entire video. I did watch this video because I was instead in the topic. Thanks for making the video. Please consider not using subtitles though.
Comment from : iMatti00

Beautiful person really moving
Comment from : Rowy

Sof Bof
zionist propaganda
Comment from : Sof Bof

Amazing documentary, but how do you get ink out of a silk wedding dress?
Comment from : AREʘLA

Luyang Han
It seems that there is another great deportation coming. We still need such talent...
Comment from : Luyang Han

Thank you for this. What an incredible gentleman.
Comment from : myplane150

Really great work, both Mr. Kaminsky and the filmmakers.
Comment from : melloe

Need another of him for the refugees today, haa.
Such a great story!

Comment from : Noha

Zeus Garcia
YOU da real MVP
Comment from : Zeus Garcia

Jungkutie pabo
Amazing video and inspirational too. God bless those who have saved lives including Adolfo Kaminsky.
Comment from : Jungkutie pabo

Tarık Günersel
Thank you so much, dear Adolfo Kaminsky :) You are a true role model.
Comment from : Tarık Günersel

Matt Sidor
Incredible story. Thank you, Adolfo.
Comment from : Matt Sidor

What a wonderful story. I must read his daughters book.
Comment from : jamie1707

Felipe Camara
Please, enable the possibility to contribute with the Closed Captions. That's a great story, and with the Closed Captions in other languages, more people would be able to learn about it and enjoy this short movie.
Comment from : Felipe Camara

Andrea Lee
This is such a fascinating story. He is a true hero. Well done, NY times
Comment from : Andrea Lee

miudinho zn
Comment from : miudinho zn

Shinn Tomino
Absolutely jaw dropping, what a role model for so many people! I feel so ashamed to have never heard of him before. More people need to hear this man's extraordinary life.  I will definitely buy the book.
Comment from : Shinn Tomino

That terrible burden that sleep, the thing which brings us rest, could mean the lives of many others.
Comment from : silver070

This, is why I subscribed. Truly moving
Comment from : will16320

Tommy Mak
Comment from : Tommy Mak

amazing, very touching. as a native french speakee, it was nice to listen to. also, love the enimation :)
Comment from : gabrielle.s

N0616JC Productions
Short concise and straight to the point.
Comment from : N0616JC Productions

Such a inspiring and stunning video! Good work!
Comment from : Thibaud

Omar S
This is incredible! Is there a name for this kind of animation?
Comment from : Omar S

Christina Gonzalve
What a beautiful and insightful documentary. Well done.
Comment from : Christina Gonzalve

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