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Kabui Karicho
Am watching from Nairobi Kenya (East Africa) am new to your channel but I find your videos very helpful and educative...at times I wish they're longer but they're very entertaining.
Can you do a video to teach the basics of landing in the western world airports for the first time..ie where to go once you exit the plane. Thank you.

Comment from : Kabui Karicho

Kini Tiko
This is a great video with great tips. Looking forward to visit NY in May.
Comment from : Kini Tiko

You're absofuckinlutely beautiful
Comment from : SammieDavidDeLuce

jellybean tito
Taking a trip to NYC in August ( first time) so the ferry doesn't stop at the statue of liberty island so ppl can get off and walk around ?? Is there a separate thing for that ??
Comment from : jellybean tito

Amanda Cousins
How do you know is when your subway 🚇 arrives?
Comment from : Amanda Cousins

Not Me
Lol NYC bus are underrated.
Comment from : Not Me

Very cool. Thank you for sharing.
Comment from : Creatchture

Terrible sound quality ,:(
Comment from : _

I'll Be There In 2 Weeks!
Comment from : Pika-Mickey-Chu

One of the best informal videos I have seen. Thanks.
Comment from : Dieseltherapy

Smith Park Media
this is complicated
Comment from : Smith Park Media

Roger Williams
Nice video. Makes me want to visit NYC again. Thank you!
Comment from : Roger Williams

Adem Bilgic
The Australian train, bus and ferry system is a lot more modern and way more efficient plus easy to use
Comment from : Adem Bilgic

Transit Sylveon Hitomi
You can also take the R or W to the SI ferry
Comment from : Transit Sylveon Hitomi

Courtney's Cockpit
Can you use cash to get a new metro card?
Comment from : Courtney's Cockpit

Courtney's Cockpit
I'm planning a trip to NYC. Just a day trip. Don't want to walk too much. How much is the bus fare? How long is the transfer for? How long is the bus ride from Manhattan to JFK?
Comment from : Courtney's Cockpit

That's What
Re Metrocard machine - I vaguely remember needing to type in a postal code somewhere when you insert your credit card. Does this sound familiar? I was told the number once but can't remember, and am returning to NYC in a few months. I'm from Canada. Much thanks!!!
Comment from : That's What "i" Said

Tyler Kicks
I was just in NYC last summer
Comment from : Tyler Kicks

Haridwar Rajshri
beautiful, appreciate explaining items like avenue, street, how addresses work out, busses , etc . Thank you
Comment from : Haridwar Rajshri

David F
Confusing and incredible at the same time ! Very good thanks a lot !
Comment from : David F

keith Mac
Great video thanks I’m so excited now
Comment from : keith Mac

Sharon Mcauley
Comment from : Sharon Mcauley

Sofia Ek
Thank you!!! I feel more comfortable now thanks to this video.
Comment from : Sofia Ek

Michel Pouvoir
Great video, top-notch job. Congrats!
Comment from : Michel Pouvoir

David RealtorCT
thank you, you're so cool.
Comment from : David RealtorCT

7CamDan 4Dan
New Yorkers save an average of $1,160 a month and $13,926 annually by using public transportation.
Comment from : 7CamDan 4Dan

Thomas Mojati
Comment from : Thomas Mojati

Joshua Telemaque
Are the avenues different in queens & brooklyn or are they the same!!
Comment from : Joshua Telemaque

If you use my code (1GG9527KUE) i would get a bonus and you would also get a bonus.
Comment from : Jayspassion

this is to much for somone comming from miami
Comment from : IndianBeauty02

Goldenboy Productions
What's the best way to go from the EWR airport to West 152nd. street ?
Comment from : Goldenboy Productions

Shane Lynch
Miss you are very confusing.
Comment from : Shane Lynch

Thanks MuchoHop very informative and appreciated. what is teh cheapest and best way travelling from JFK to Pauluus Hook (NJ) was thinking airtrain , subway as taxi seems very expensive x
Comment from : Rapidstix

Sydney Smith
Comment from : Sydney Smith

Isaiah King
Need help . I'm traveling to NYC ...laguardia airport ....what's cheap transit to get to Times square
Comment from : Isaiah King

Mar Grace
I 'm just visiting New York on February 28th and this vídeo was of great help for me...I loved the way you speak and explain...thank you!! I've just subscribed...greetings from Chile 🌺
Comment from : Mar Grace

Sophia Brown
very helpfull
Comment from : Sophia Brown

This video is very helpful for me, thank you :)
Comment from : Rotax_ID

Jon Saw
Was the ferry free?
Comment from : Jon Saw

Jan Ovland
Thanks for sharing,much respect ! Back in the day,flying in to JFK,I was soon introduced to the Checker taxi of New York City - back then , in the mid 80´s,I did not think to much of it- now,some thirty years later and for quite some time - the Checker taxi has become an American Icon , just like Harley-Davidson and Coca Cola - www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdNjq... www.cdbaby.com/cd/jovlandtheco...
about.me/janman58 no.pinterest.com/janman58/pins/
janovland.com/ For more info ; janovland@gmail.com

Comment from : Jan Ovland

Mano jaba singh Russaliah
Thank you
Comment from : Mano jaba singh Russaliah

victor valladares
Thanks for making the video. It's very helpful
Comment from : victor valladares

Very helpful for my upcoming trip (first time). Straight to the point and good common-sense tips ;) Thanks again!
Comment from : Moonlightdriver_777

Thanks for a great video. I'll be in NYC in a couple of weeks and this will definitely help me to get arround.
Comment from : adamata5

As someone who will be in New York for the first, this is such a great and helpful video. Thank you so much!
Comment from : Drew186

Linguistic Alino
Thanks for this nice video! I've a question, I tried to book a ticket for the ferry but it's all booked out. Does that mean I don't need to go there and waste my time? I am so disappointed, I wish I had known beforehand. Any tips would be great! Thanks.
Comment from : Linguistic Alino

Thank you for this video very helpful. Might be in New York in a few months.
Comment from : jvontube

Heading there memorial day weekend can you be my guide
Comment from : bocobob

dee doc
Thank you so much for this video!! I'm visiting New York and the tips were soooo helpful.
Comment from : dee doc

Robb 87
Houston is pronounced differently in the South.
Comment from : Robb 87

Abdallah Abdallaoui
Very nice and good job
Thanks from Algeria

Comment from : Abdallah Abdallaoui

Mike Connolly
Could also take the R to Whitehall street
Comment from : Mike Connolly

was this shot in the summer if so what month
Comment from : マスタードラゴン

I've been in New York city for 10 years 😆
Comment from : Luminousé

Joseph Morales
If you want when you visit New York in the fall take the Hudson Metro North Line to Croton Harmon then from Croton Harmon to Poughkeepsie. Then get directions to walkway Over the Hudson. Thats a attraction north of the city
Comment from : Joseph Morales

ill be going to NYC for the first time for my birthday so this video is helpful, I do however I'm dreading the subway since I'm a big girl and I'm afraid of getting stuck in those gates :(
Comment from : Disgrace87

T Lains ATL Broker
I am currently in New York .... THANNNNKKKK   YOU!
Comment from : T Lains ATL Broker

Thanks for sharing your video. I'll be traveling to New York for the first time in my life. Ill be in Philadelphia first and then driving to NYC and was told not to drive but take public transportation to get around. I'm from LA and much more used to driving out here. We'll only be there fro 4 days trying to visit The Empire State building, Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero and other popular places. Should we ditch the car and take these buses and subways or would we be ok for a few days or by car. NY just seems so huge and just just for more in control with a car. Any tips?
Comment from : RealityHurts923

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