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In Liquid Color
Thanks so much for all the support on this original run of Color Mixing videos. To see a more updated version with lots of new information, please check out my Skillshare class called Watercolor Mixing Based on Pigment Properties! This link will give you two months free to try it out if you're new to the platform: skl.sh/2BSNKgV
Comment from : In Liquid Color

Kyle Deeley
What does what does a dinosaur make
Comment from : Kyle Deeley

Raygor Adriano
This help me a lot of project damn school
Comment from : Raygor Adriano

Wild Portrait Artist
Omg your folder of colour swatches! That is genius and so organised!
Comment from : Wild Portrait Artist

Isabella Lopez Rodriguez
This did not help me at all😠
Comment from : Isabella Lopez Rodriguez

Nikhil Tandi
Comment from : Nikhil Tandi

You're the best person who teach about colour mixing I ever come across with in you tube! Thank you so much for everything you taught me from making my own chart, neuatralised my colours, and these wonderful colour mixing series! I'm enternally grateful to you~! <3
Comment from : xJannah637

I see 2 orange and 5 reds on your orange page XD
luv tho

Comment from : vashtify

Brenda Smith
Hi, I don't use watercolor so maybe I'm confused. Also, I'm a very beginner painter trying to learn color mixing. When you are mixing the reds and yellows. I'm confused. With your line/swatch which color are you adding more of? Are you adding more red to the yellow or are you adding more yellow to the red ? I just can't tell because it's going so fast. Is it like a gradation thing,. From light to dark or dark to light. I apologize for not knowingwhat the h___ is going on. I'm very, very new to this. I use acrylic only.
Comment from : Brenda Smith

J Scott
Denise (sitting at a table with violet, blue and green-
“Omg here comes orange 🍊, shhh☝🏻 don’t say anything so he doesn’t see us...”
Orange walks up-
“oh hey Denise! 👋🏻 ”
“you can’t sit with us🙄.”

Comment from : J Scott

Destiny Blooms
Great video but sometimes we just wish one gets straight to the point
Comment from : Destiny Blooms

Stephen Turner
The DS PO71 is much redder than the QOR version.
Comment from : Stephen Turner

Renee L. Marks
Thanks for sharing! I just love testing my pigments and love seeing others do the same. I was looking for the most transparent orange and found that in the Schmincke Palette used by Susan Harrison-Tustain. Its called Translucent Orange (PO71). The Daniel Smith also has a PO71 but it is much redder than Schmincke brand which has more yellow tone. I have both. Schmincke lists it as transparent and it certainly is the most transparent orange you can get. Im addicted to it because its so beautiful and an amazing mixer for the most gorgeous browns mixed with phthalo blues.
Comment from : Renee L. Marks

Paint To Paper
I'm with you on not having a lot of orange convince mixes. I own DS pyrrol Orange and a sample of trans. Pyrrol Orange. I enjoy mixing them. I was wondering how you store all the color mixing charts you make like this one?
Comment from : Paint To Paper

Tom Chandler
"Hi, my name's Denise, and I'm a Pigmentaholic."

Admitting the problem is the first step to fixing it, but getting a bigger palette runs a pretty good second.... 8-)

Comment from : Tom Chandler

Alison B
Ooh your colour swatch file is so organised! I have to re-swatch all my paints. I made the fatal error of using "practise" watercolour paper to swatch my colours. I then had occasion to try out some samples of very expensive watercolour paper and the difference in colours was enormous! Have to start all over again - this time with top quality paper to do justice to the paint colours. I suppose you have some handy chopping gadget to get such a clean cut on your swatch cards? Scissors for me! You also have clear plastic wallets with pockets into which you can insert the cards. Did you buy them like that or did you "make" the individual inserts yourself?
Comment from : Alison B

Eve Bolt - Art & Cats
Your Sennelier Chinese Orange is possibly an older formulation; I have one and it's a mix of 3 pigments (PY150 PR209 PBr23). We'll forever grieve over the loss of PO49, hehe.
Nice orange mixes! Which do you use the most often when painting?

Comment from : Eve Bolt - Art & Cats

Gracie Shack
great video as always :)
Comment from : Gracie Shack

Another great video. :D
Comment from : Cuddlebloom

Lots of companies mix PO62 with PG7 to make the Sap Green you like. So there's a good use for it right there. :)
Comment from : bastet469

Rajashree Ghosh
would you do a color mixing episode of aqua teal sort of colour. I could never mix that.
Comment from : Rajashree Ghosh

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