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Lonnie Gibson
"Agenda 21" anyone?
Comment from : Lonnie Gibson

Makoto Sekai
People with technologies today are impressive. The only thing I do is to visualize the scenery.
Comment from : Makoto Sekai

JC Scouting
Comment from : JC Scouting

Yea, looks like parts of Jersey, when your stuck on the turnpike.
Comment from : Bandicoot

Jeff Doe
Human Ecology
Comment from : Jeff Doe

Fil More
Summary: I have a map for that
Comment from : Fil More

It only shows how people destroy the planet through their existence. So sad to be a human too.
Comment from : whyYUbee

Bernie Lawrence Jr.
Loved This
Comment from : Bernie Lawrence Jr.

Sandi Brcan
To cut this short..people ruin everything
Comment from : Sandi Brcan

Sevi Regis
Wonderful, agree totally with the future vision. Manhattan at present is extremely over-developed and crumbling, a display of man's unbridled selfish ambitions. It has lost its organic, life support. Cities need to be scaled down and fully sustainable leaving many open green spaces, waters, and natural ecosystems intact.
Comment from : Sevi Regis

Jan Golden
I wonder did the audience think, "My God, it was so beautiful, and now it's a hideous monster full of pollution, stress, violence, junk food and Donald Trump's hotels"
Comment from : Jan Golden

Glomi babel
hello I would like to know if there is a 3d map of buildings of new york from past
Comment from : Glomi babel

Damn XP, its been a while.
Comment from : Neale

John Spinelli
Yes NYC would have looked beautiful back then but you have to realize human development is inevitable and that there is plenty of natural land existing
Comment from : John Spinelli

Greg Smith
Very interesting and well done. But he drives me crazy with the overused "so."
Comment from : Greg Smith

If only there was an 'undo' button for so-called civilization.
Comment from : Cryptoversity

Interesting how the natives were left out in that natural habitat.....the usual white man bullshit!!!
Comment from : Comdesron17

Someone get this guy a cocktail .... he’s so boring lol
Comment from : 2000stewpuppy

Junshu Liu
0:42 A new world in Minecraft, Day 1
Comment from : Junshu Liu

GEARS 1984
All those White people and Jews just had to come here to pollute this great land.
Comment from : GEARS 1984

Raymond Holder
Comment from : Raymond Holder

What is up with those pixelated images. Are they pixelated because he took the camera resolution also back in time?
Comment from : chizpa305

moreno franco
Wonderful, eye-opening presentation
Comment from : moreno franco

All I can say is, Thankyou.
Comment from : Clarky

James R
I don't know how any nature loving human being could live in NYC or any city like it for that matter. Central Park is not enough. I'll take living on the shores of Lake Michigan as I do now. Nature is healing, replenishing and calming.
Comment from : James R

James R
The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is the fact that the planet is currently overpopulated, yet worldwide the population is growing exponentially. The current population needs to be cut by half. How is that going to happen?
Comment from : James R

Pradeep Naidu
This is what i call , a real TED talk !!
Comment from : Pradeep Naidu

Glenn Abbott
Yeah a future without cars and bird killing windmills everywhere. Sounds like AOC green new deal passed
Comment from : Glenn Abbott

Mr. West lndian t.v.
Before the ghetto.
Comment from : Mr. West lndian t.v.

Ocean CGI
I just want to know why fucking Al Gore is in the opening credits. What a political/climate liar and I thought Ted talk was about getting to the bottom of the truth.
Comment from : Ocean CGI

Joseph Sweetland
Cremate your body today
Comment from : Joseph Sweetland

This is one of the most interesting videos i have ever watched on youtube
Comment from : 218maryland

clarence spencer
Hi. Do you have this PowerPoint online somewhere?? Should be grand having it
Comment from : clarence spencer

Trey Ott
Brilliant work
Comment from : Trey Ott

NYC is well and truly over of course for the average/middle class person. The rich well and truly did an amazing job of utterly cannibalizing Manhattan and Brooklyn and steamrolling the average citizens who dared to try to survive in these boroughs. NY mayors of course encouraged this for decades and all you have left is a cosmopolitan playground for the rich visited by tourists who don't understand the horrific economic offences that have gone into building this paradise for the rich.
Comment from : Burncourtable

steven morgan
Comment from : steven morgan

Joshua Burbulys
This would be a cool thing to render into VR
Comment from : Joshua Burbulys

Vir Quisque Vir
I love New York and I love Manhattan, I lived there as a student at Columbia, but let's get real, folks: 9/11 was a false flag inside job.
Comment from : Vir Quisque Vir

Nick Howes
612 dislikes???!!!
Comment from : Nick Howes

Альжан Жанайдар
Comment from : Альжан Жанайдар

Floks 700
Now any idiot even such as on the video )) if he has a computer and a large database can imagine himself as a great scientist ..))
Comment from : Floks 700

Bobby Brady
A native American is ANY American BORN IN America! The first Americans were also white. They brought the name America, were the first to call themselves American, and they created the country.
Comment from : Bobby Brady

..we want to see evidence in comparison to the worldwide cataclysmic mudflood in 1810 or so...the mid west..a few major cities of 10,000 or so..now under national park domain.. i.pinimg.com/736x/25/7f/7a/257f7a3e8baced2af0c9762a7f53b0aa.jpg 'and everything under the dome!.. media1.britannica.com/eb-media/86/70786-004-FE11C6CA.jpg The Smithsonian Castle 1600's? but THANK YOU TED!!
Comment from : foxyroxstar

I'm from Mumbai please made video on Mumbai because Mumbai is made by 7 islands by joining in British empire
Comment from : NITISH MANE

3:20 - That would be an awesome map to have painted on a wall in one's home. It could be large and even 3D.
Comment from : tudorjason

Amol Azmi
Nature is a fresh area...
Comment from : Amol Azmi

Wim Jansen
Americans are thiefs... They grab this land from the natives indians 🖕🏼
Comment from : Wim Jansen

Crystal Blankenheim
Why are these landscapes censored?
Comment from : Crystal Blankenheim

Марк Пиво
So sad, that all of this is lost forever!
Comment from : Марк Пиво

Ezra Beyman
I absolutely love the history of this great city. Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Ezra Beyman



Comment from : datitingammez

Jikjek Cruz
Singapore realized the speaker’s vision
Comment from : Jikjek Cruz

Really Happenings
Giovanni da Verrazano, not Henry Hudson, was the first European mariner to see this harbor and land here.
Comment from : Really Happenings

Hikerman 5000
I’ve been to New York for almost the entire year but I don’t live there. I’m practically a New Yorker but I’d never want to call myself that again because for the last time I went, New Yorkers attacked, harassed, and discriminated those who lost someone or something on 9-11. I went to the 18th anniversary to pay my respects and what did I see? Protesters saying “it never happened” religious colts praying upon the weak, and people spitting on those who mourn. I cried every time I thought about 9-11 but after that day, I don’t think I should anymore. If people treat ground zero like an outhouse, I don’t see why I should mourn anymore? I pay my respects and stand up against the protesters but I will NEVER become like the modern day New Yorker.
Comment from : Hikerman 5000

The only pollution is population pollution.
Comment from : richystar2001

scroogekvadmcduck2 scroogekvadmcduck2
Через пару столетий после ядерной бобардировки он действительно снова станет преждним. Есть к чему стрмиться)
Comment from : scroogekvadmcduck2 scroogekvadmcduck2

They used ArcGIS to georeference 🤓
Comment from : joystick396

Dander Spat
It should be called TELD
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Lies, and Design
Al Gore and Climate Fantasy is one of the Lies segments courtesy of the United Nations Agenda 21 Farce.

Comment from : Dander Spat

Cam Rubi
In the book “Five Points,” it tells you that The Collect was a beautiful lake, that people would go there to relax. Then, they built tanneries and all kinds of production and slaughter houses. The Collect became so toxic, from all the dumping, it became “a putrid nuisance.” By 1802, The Common Council ordered The Collect filled with rock and soil from the then “Bunker Hill.” By 1813, The Collect was filled in and Bunker Hill was gone.
Comment from : Cam Rubi

Urie Kline
Not sure that it's a fair point to make but...this fellow's delivery and general tone of voice are killing me
Comment from : Urie Kline

Bear in mind that WOMEN ran the tribes of the Lenni Lenape.I notice you only reference men in the photos representing the Lenni Lenape. At some point people of European descent need to admit that their ancestors presence here was nothing but destructive. At least admit it to yourselves.
Comment from : mdeborah827

1:16 só eu quem não viu nada?????
Comment from : ALEXANDRE73771

Philippe Micheli
I wish humans never touched earth because we are destroying it, infront of our eyes.
Comment from : Philippe Micheli

Sumant Kumar
We need more of such research and more involvement of people (giving them meaning to live). Love from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India.
Comment from : Sumant Kumar

Mark Twain
Then the white man arrived....and fucked it all up
Comment from : Mark Twain

If the environmental regulations of today were in effect 500 years ago, there wouldn't be anything at all on Manhattan. The whole island would be a nature preserve.
Comment from : MrJeffcoley1

My question.. how did the natives get drinkable water, the Hudson’s rather salty 😛😝
Comment from : ForeroFlower

Comment from : xBlueWolf

oou, this is such an interesting video. I have liked it so much, and a really good work from people who reconstructed the map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Noizen

Forest Elk
So what is the practical usage of this research?
Comment from : Forest Elk

Mike Secondo
1 large sewer NYC
Comment from : Mike Secondo

Yola Montalvan
There are no true fighter pilots anymore. The battle is won by the planes who have best avionics.
Comment from : Yola Montalvan

Nathan Zaremskiy
This confirms humans are a cancer to the planet. Manhatten would've been a national park if it wasn't full of cement!
Comment from : Nathan Zaremskiy

rajeev srivatsav
RIP Native Americanz
Comment from : rajeev srivatsav

Ryan N
Never gonna understand the desire for wind farms. They are a costly and inefficient source for mass power. And they destroy the horizon with there massive need for space. Go nuclear
Comment from : Ryan N

Kim Jong Un
Comment from : Kim Jong Un

It's sad this amazing area was just covered in concrete and just completely ruined
Comment from : bulldogce

The Witness الشاهد
Could he sell it throught this capitalist corporative crap like Ted? Did he sell himself? You will never invent something for money, in the name of money.
Comment from : The Witness الشاهد

Manhattan was a paradise.
Comment from : TimmyME

Andy Aldrian
Farmlands and windmills.... what is he smoking.
Comment from : Andy Aldrian

Sinister Veritas
New York City is a place people go to be in New York City. As long as man doesn't destroy himself, it will only get taller. People don't go to New York city to see streams and meadows. They go to be immersed in anthropology of the city and what that has to offer as entertainment and wonder.
Comment from : Sinister Veritas

Sinister Veritas
So you are telling us in 400 years we are going to power Manhattan with windmills? LOL.
Comment from : Sinister Veritas

Keithy Wonder
This dude tryna get rid of the whole city
Comment from : Keithy Wonder

and covered by cat-sized rodents
Comment from : hvcool

e james
there is no meaning in new york city........it is a globalist hellscape, like disneyland. Now, 70 years ago it had meaning .In the blood and sweat off the brow of the people who lived and worked there.
Comment from : e james

e james
the bay of san francisco was not seen by a white man's eye until the year 1769. That's almost 1800, for all you math majors out there. Isn't that remarkable? new york was already a bustling little town but the san fran bay remained hidden from all human knowledge. Look at it now........
Comment from : e james

Duncan Rossi
As a species we need to implement the Green new deal and put an end to our destructive ways
Comment from : Duncan Rossi

Tom Bradford
From towerblocks to blocky blocks. Was this filmed on an 8x8 pixel camera?
Comment from : Tom Bradford

cameron taylor
“What’s that palm tree doing there?” Because the Kings college is connected and all of “the new world” is directly linked to the ancient Egyptian mystery schools and the book of the dead...the end of times prophecy!
Comment from : cameron taylor

cameron taylor
What a yawn fest!
Comment from : cameron taylor

They should have left Manhattan a big park and founded NYC in Jersey instead
Comment from : kalumnist

Yola Montalvan
Can you imagine if the U.S. had Central America and South America? It would have been full of garbage with homeless people.
Comment from : Yola Montalvan

george lumberjack
Через 400 лет не будет никакой Америки!!!!
Comment from : george lumberjack

peek a boo
2409 lol that was a stretch
Comment from : peek a boo

peek a boo
The city is filled w parks
Comment from : peek a boo

Anyone has a link to the map he is using?
Comment from : Maho

His & Hers
Does anyone know the website he mentioned at the end of act 2?
Comment from : His & Hers

Tom Morrow
New York city, the new age Babylon.
Comment from : Tom Morrow

Penny Awful
Funny how's it's always liberals that spend most of their time in metropolitan cities that complain about them the most.
Comment from : Penny Awful

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