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Curious Plays
What about the alcatel go flip v
Comment from : Curious Plays

Robert Allard
Hi mate, I'm currently looking for a UK phone that only has texting, calling and whatsapp. Do you know of any such phones? Thanks
Comment from : Robert Allard

Christian Cardich
how about the kyocera duraxv?
Comment from : Christian Cardich

Are you Bob Ross reincarnated?
Comment from : MannyJazzcats

HotRod Ray
Providers won't even activate anything that isn't 4G LTE

Comment from : HotRod Ray

J Justine
Today a friend told me not to get a flip because he wasn’t going to be able to communicate with me properly....lol. What a joke a 37 years old consider texting to be proper....
Comment from : J Justine

Right now we are in the mercy for The Nokia 8110 4G, hopefully The Nokia 3310 in $G, maybe the Nokia 110?, Nokia 2720 Flip, and the one I'm really hype for is the manly Nokia 800 Tough. The problem is I hate waiting for it because live in teh USA FUCKKKKKKKKKKK.
The phone I have is the Nokia 1 Android One Smartphone that's cost $60, if the dumbphone costs lower then that I'll be a happy man.

Comment from : Nori

Hello from USA! It's a Chinese 4G dumb phone with hotspot called XIAOMI QIN 4G LTE and the reviews are positive. To be honest, I'm not take a risk and time to buy this phone from China and their "AI". Hopefully someone will take this risk and only one guy form USA reviews it. Link: www.banggood.com/QIN-1S-4G-Network-Wifi-1480mAH-BT-4_2-Voice-Infrared-Remote-Control-Dual-SIM-Card-Feature-Phone-from-Xiaomi-youpin-p-1339487.html?akmClientCountry=America&utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=cussku&utm_campaign=1723427_1339487&utm_content=1087&ID=224&cur_warehouse=CN
Comment from : Nori

Screw it, I'm just gonna communicate with grunts and noises
Comment from : KamiNoKaze

Nissen Nordpolen
Kind of agree to your kaios critism. Have a cat b35 phone, after the latest OS upgrade, they added a "wonderful" easy-to-reach menu on left side of screen (kind of like the bottom menu in Apple OS). But there are only the "app store" and the google services, so it is completely useless (bloated). To reach most used functions such as alarm or sms, takes uncomfortable many key clicks.
Comment from : Nissen Nordpolen

Julian Meyrick
Screw it! I’ll just talk face to face...
Comment from : Julian Meyrick

Will Wade
I'm still using an LG Convoy 2 from 2012. I've been told by Verizon I will need to upgrade within the next couple of years because they will be doing away with 3G. It sucks.
Comment from : Will Wade

Björn Sahlin
What's the status on non-Google 4G dumbphones today?
Comment from : Björn Sahlin

aslıgül dalbudak
Here is an idea.
On my smartphone and guessing some other smartphones there is an option like "ultra stamina mode". (The name might change from brand to brand.) On this mode your phone kills every advenced smartphone application and google services to save power. So you're only left with calling, texting, clock/calendar, music, camera and pictures. At the end of the day you have a touch screen dumbphone with 4G and no google or other data copying apps.

Comment from : aslıgül dalbudak

Michael Santangelo
I just bought the Kyocera dura XV lte with Verizon. So far so good 👍
Comment from : Michael Santangelo

Lee Court
Wow, well researched. Thank you!
Comment from : Lee Court

Jose Diaz
Screw it, I'll just use my social skills
Comment from : Jose Diaz

S1eepy Si
Hawk shit!! I’m making my own phone out of a string and paper cups
Comment from : S1eepy Si

G Laughlin
What about the Kyocera DuraXE and the Sonim XP3, each of which support 4G LTE (as well as 3G, I believe)? Both use Android, but it is very crippled on each and doesn't provide any access to the Google Play store; the preinstalled apps are all you get and they are basic apps, such as a calendar, flashlight, calculator, etc. Both are for business or government uses, with emphasis on durability and security. The Sonim XP3 is even available without a camera. If you put them on a talk and text only plan, I assume that data sharing would be further crippled. AT&T supports both in the US and Sprint supports the Sonim. PCMag has reviewed both and recently ranked the Sonim XP3 as the best 4G feature phone currently available. They aren't pretty, but they are very functional.
Comment from : G Laughlin

Space Pickle
I like the ones where the keyboard comes out of the side.
Comment from : Space Pickle

ken engle
JitterBug flip phone is a good choice here in the States....
Comment from : ken engle

Alex Kunz
I have been doing research on basic phones and found the Sonim XP5s. It is a dumb phone, very durable, water proof and long lasting battery. It also appears to support 4G networks. On Verizon(United States) it is $288, but since it is durable and has 4G, it could last you a long time. It is designed for those who work hard labor. Looking on the Verizon website, it appears as though smartphones have become cheaper than most basic phones. Trying to eliminate the distractions that the smart phone creates.
Comment from : Alex Kunz

It's really not easy. However in the country where I'm from, 2G is king along with the other bandwidths and tons of people still use 2G phones. I think it's a great idea to carry a dumbphone as your main call and text phone, and a smartphone for your entertainment needs (music, games, social media, movies, emails, Viber/WhatsApp/FB Messenger)
Comment from : ermonski

News: Nokia announced a new 4G dumbphone today called "Nokia 220 4G"!
Comment from : Ivgentis

Count Ravendark
I am going to buy the Cat B35, it's rugged, looks cool and runs on Kaios so it has facebook whatsapp and you can go on the internet but it is so lame that you will not use it.
Comment from : Count Ravendark

TJ Outback
Hi Scotty
Nice bit of research. I am a retired tech myself so I understand the frustration with all the standards involvedI. And coincidentally I was looking around for a phone that goes back to basics after watching Perfect Polly “You Are Being Roomed” video youtu.be/VbOv_ClA7j0
& your video’s on 5G Health issues.
I must have missed this video some months back as I was looking on EBay for a Dumb Phone with 4G (wont touch 5G) & larger screen than the old Nokia. & i agree that the light phone is too expensive. The Linux OS Phone would have been great. Pitty that Google bought into the OS.
So... keep up the good videos. We are in the same mind set even though you are in France & I am in Western Australia.
Cheers 😀

Comment from : TJ Outback

I loved my nokia flip phone!
Comment from : MsBizzyGurl

Does the Nokia 3310 work with sprint? They wouldnt tell me on the phone lol
Comment from : haileyscomment

Anthony Ellis
Blackberry Torch? 3G or 4G, basic (dead operating system but stil extremely secure OS) and no Google.
Comment from : Anthony Ellis

C. Crespo
Screw it, lets do smoke signals
Comment from : C. Crespo

Texas Patriot
SO we're going to be forced to use smart phones eventually anyway lol..... DANG.
Comment from : Texas Patriot

Oliver Frischknecht
There is a Swiss company that manufactures a dumb phone called Punkt. It uses blackberry security features. I have one and I am very happy with it.
Comment from : Oliver Frischknecht

Maybe you can look into the Librem 5 phone coming Q3 2019. Supposedly a secure and privacy centric smartphone.
Comment from : Henrik

Just noticed that on April 18, 2019 Microsoft purchased Express Logic for an 'undisclosed sum'; Express Logic made the other popular dumb-phone OS 'ThreadX'. 
Source: www.forbes.com/sites/janakirammsv/2019/04/21/how-does-the-express-logic-acquisition-help-microsoft-and-the-iot-ecosystem/#1f637c8716c1

Comment from : 7thString

thanks for explaining things so well and all of your efforts!...sort of like an automobile company (vw ) not making fan belts for their 90s models anymore, something wrong with that for sure...I wonder how a cell phone co can sell MILLIONS of phones ,then not provide for them...I want my money back...God bless the good...doug (kanada)
Comment from : DOUG HUNTER

Terry Moore
They sell every kind of phone in the world on EBay, might find a good bargain there.
Comment from : Terry Moore

Robin Lundgren
Also you have the Punkt MP01 and MP02 of which the latter is a dumbed down sluggish android phone for extreme amounts of money. Had a Motorola F3 (e-ink dumb) way back, it was a horribly dumb phone - more like a blunt phone.
I'm contemplating actually spending the 300$ on the light II - it really, actually, tick all my boxes. Sure I would like the price tag to be closer to 100$ but it's a speciallity item, and if it does deliver all I want within the formfactor I want I consider it the smarter option over purchasing something I don't want eyy? Not the economically better choice, rather it's better to actually purchase the product that you actually believe in and want over something undesirable.

Comment from : Robin Lundgren

Bill Murray
There is a Flip phone than support 4G, It’s called Alcatel go flip, but i dont want a flip phone so i was looking for a basic one but after watching, I guess im gonna have to go with the Nokia with Kaios thing...
Comment from : Bill Murray

Bonjour là-bas
hey there wat about this one : www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgJM25T4uWc
Comment from : Bonjour là-bas

Michael Millett
Even if it has KaiOS, I think you would be good as long as you don't have a data plan. My current phone runs KaiOS and only has talk and text features.
Comment from : Michael Millett

The Yorkshireman 88
Comment from : The Yorkshireman 88

Pat Cavanaugh
It seems like we are dealing with some kind of alien beings who have been infiltrating our planet by way of Area 51 since the end of WW2. The aren't too bright. Fact. But they are very dangerous, as they have no humanity, no concern for human life, no conception of the consequences of messing with our people, like ruining our health and causing the fall of our human race. They must be stopped. Area 51 needs a swat team to go in and kick butt and clean it up, once and for all. I hope that somewhere there is a plan being made by those who are able to carry it out...just like on a Marvel movie. We need super heroes ... Maybe God will send them to us before it's too late. Our lawmakers in Congress need to be removed and replaced by new blood with high moral standards and a love for the people of our country. It's time to clean house, when a law is passed that says it's okay to kill a full-term baby in cold blood. What's going on? WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Pat Cavanaugh

Pat Cavanaugh
I have a landline, but my children, who are now adults, insist on texting and never call me on the landline, unless they can't reach me when I have my cell phone off. It annoys them though, when my cell is off. But they don't call me on it. they just keep texting. I have been on the cell phone so much lately, as I have four daughters, my eyes are begging for mercy. I just want to sleep and dream ...it's so much easier than being awake. I have so much more freedom in my dreams...
Comment from : Pat Cavanaugh

Bubba Nush
lets have fun. get a note 4 and take out the gps wire, Bluetooth, all the offending parts and cameras. Then carry it around in a Faraday sack. You can even destroy the mics and use a headset with a mic to control when the mic is able to be accessed. the mic on the note 4 is hard to cut out but a tiny drill bit will kill it. careful or you might have to replace the integrated parts. That is your fix. you can also root that phone and still use vpn services like nord. Combined you will be free from the overlords even if you decide to run a newer phone.....the note 4 is only desirable because you can still change the battery without ripping apart the phone. All of this can be done with any of the galaxy phones. you can find a rooted note 4 on ebay right now for around 170 usd. Privacy comes at a cost but its worth it.
Comment from : Bubba Nush

cindy h
I just use an old fashioned flip phone. I never could catch onto those newer models. Not too long ago cell phones where no more then a pipe dream. Why only 007 had something even close to that.
Comment from : cindy h

I think we can make a phone using a cheap GSM module a small TFT screen and an Arduino or Rasperry Pi Zero W with touch screen. It will look like shit but do exactly what you want and if you program it it will only have the stuff on it you put there. It's actually not as hard as you might think...
Comment from : stewartrv

Vishal Kanjani
Hey Scottie, Nokia does sell a 4G version of the 3310. However, it's so rarely marketed and is only meant for the China. Runs on Yun OS. It's a very important phone that the global market never got 😒
Comment from : Vishal Kanjani

So the cat b30 has internet so basically is still going to be trackable and subject to Google data hauls.... Why did you opt for that one and not the Nokia 3310?
Comment from : Alex

Why would I contact my wireless provider to check my phone capability? Don't you mean my network provider? Presumably the dumb phones don't have wireless anyway, hope not
Comment from : Alex

Blue_ Wunderwaffle
I am thinking of getting an old blackberry. Blackberry OS was known for its security and the Blackberry Bold 9900 is a 4g phone that has browser and email capabilities but on a 4g network. Do you think this is a good option Scottie?
Comment from : Blue_ Wunderwaffle

deb patterson
Which if a Company like Consumer Cellular doesn't modify it you can have a full operating system but alctel makes phones and tablets for different companies! So it's not 100% kios pH to bad we can't just purchase a phone and go with any carrier we want
Comment from : deb patterson

deb patterson
70$ that's because your buying from Amazon And I don't like there return policy! Dead on arrival? I can't afford to get stuck with something I just don't like
Comment from : deb patterson

skorpia g
I have a samsung mini. According to many..its prehistoric 😖
Comment from : skorpia g

Ed Wasil
Comment from : Ed Wasil

Neddy M
Screw it. I'll just email or surprise visit.
Comment from : Neddy M

Haniel Rameshbabu
Jiophone is locked to Jio LTE sim, Jiophone 2 has dual sim but sim 1 is locked to Jio, sim 2 is 2G only.
Comment from : Haniel Rameshbabu

Count Ravendark
So actually we are forced to buy a smartphone if you want to have a good working mobile phone?
Comment from : Count Ravendark

Nathan Winslow
For a different and expensive alternative, the Punkt MP02 is 4G. But also $350.
Comment from : Nathan Winslow

Aaron Hare
The best dumb phones are flip style called clamshells.

0 chance of pocket/butt dialing!

Comment from : Aaron Hare

Promethious B
The 'G' is for Generation,,IE.first G,second G,etc.
Comment from : Promethious B

Seeds of Awareness
I'd love to get your opinion on this phone puri.sm/products/librem-5/ They are a crowd funded start who are releasing what they claim to be a fully secure smart phone made on something other than IOS and android. Would love to know if you think this is legit as I was going to get one
Comment from : Seeds of Awareness

I've heard there is a 4G version of the 3310, but it's only available in China. Regarding the downgrading process, I've actually downgraded to... Well I have two options:
1. Another smartphone, albeit a really crappy Allview that I got free from a carrier 3 or so years ago. It runs Android 5.1 and it supports 3G, but it's so crappy that I wouldn't use it for anything but phone calls.
2. A Nokia E71. Symbian is obsolete, so I don't have anything to worry about.

Comment from : Labinstein

Neil Lowe
iPhone is pretty dumb and isn't Google?
Comment from : Neil Lowe

here you go guys, enjoy. 4g nokia 3310. I don't need 4g, but you go check this out if it's worth it
anybody know chinese language maybe? :D

Comment from : MrSnoopydupy

Screw it, I'll use my telepathy.
Comment from : Specter

konstantinos kyriakakis
Hey guys I've come across one..Xiaomi Qin let me know what you think m.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_qin_feature_phone_official-news-32576.php
Comment from : konstantinos kyriakakis

hadoo masta
thank you for the info
Comment from : hadoo masta

I'm gonna buy a Nokia 3310 and hope that by 2022, more dumb phones are available because in 2022 they're going to get rid entirely of 3G in my country. The funny thing is that 2G is going to stay for a longer time. So I should actually get a 2G phone, but then I'd have to get another one for traveling. Why are they making this so difficult? :/
Comment from : Anna133199

Tenshi B
Several Kyocera flips are 4g.. I have a Kyocera Cadence which is a super plain flipper and it's 4g--HOWEVER, I think it is run by the Android os. But one of their most popular is/are the Kyocera Dura xv and Dura xe, and I believe that ONE of those just runs on a proprietary Kyocera os.. and then the other runs on Android.. both 4g I believe..

Anyway, I've been researching 4g dumb phones for the past couple weeks, and I have found 5 or 6 of 'em.. Here are some:

Kyocera Cadence
Kyocera Dura xv/xe
LG Exalt
Alcatel Flip/Go Flip
ZTE Cymbal
Pantech Breeze

Comment from : Tenshi B

CELL PHONEs and CELL PLANS Info from my research:

Top contenders: Mint (need GSM phone) $53.17 for 3 months - takes PayPal

Or Red Pocket (says you need GSM 4G LTE speed - but I have a 3g Nokia 6267 GSM flip phone announced June 2007 successfully running on their service. Bought it on eBay for under $40. But can't access the internet as back then, the carrier has to send an activation to the phone and Red Pocket techs didn't know what I was talking about. Does calls and texts only.) $60 for 360 days.

Or Jethro $15/mo - takes PayPal (need GSM phone 3G ok for now

GSM phones use SIM cards while older CDMA phones do not. Newer CDMA phones have SIM card, but they aren't used the same and won't work in another device without activating. LTE requires SIM card. 5 different sizes of SIM cards.

Unlocked phones are typically geared for either GSM networks, like AT&T and T-Mobile, or CDMA networks, like Verizon and Sprint. Some phones can run on both, but you should be aware that CDMA-only devices will not operate on Mint's network (or on that of any other GSM carrier, for that matter).

stores.ebay.com/Red-Pocket-Store#section-plans $5/mo paid annually $60 www.ebay.com/itm/132288143818


Senior phone GSM? SC330?

www.ebay.com/itm/Mobile-Sim-Card-Starter-Kit-Unlimited-Talk-Text-Data-Plan-Phone-Cards-Prepaid/163090710299 Mint Mobile takes PayPal

Comment from : GrowMap

A StarTAC still works in the States!
Comment from : theedrstrangelove

Aussie MGTOW
The flavours that Scottie talks about, (for Australia):
2G: 900/1800.
3G: 900, 2100 MHz with 42Mbps data (HSPA+) .
4G: Band 3, Band 7, Band 28 with 150Mbps downlink.

Comment from : Aussie MGTOW

I currently own no working cell phone (nor land line for that matter) and have no plans on changing this situation.
Comment from : VinylToVideo

ps, that Cool looking Nokia, people called it a 🍌 phone, so they made a yellow one 🤣
Comment from : sed8me

N-95, N900, N-9.
There's the peak of phones right there.
Imagine the next arm if Nokia were still around. 🤯⛲

I did wanna talk 5G here, I'll be back after watching this new channel I likes content on that.
5G must not Roll out 😉

Comment from : sed8me

Blackberry classic is just as bad. Ill be damned to get a phone with KaiOs (chaos) installed by google
Comment from : DMANSLIDE3

Huib Wetzel
Thank you Scotty, I will spread your info !
Comment from : Huib Wetzel

Michael Elmer
Hi Scottie,in the uk we now have a zte 2312 that works on 4g.its on the three network.it doesn't use kai os.✌
Comment from : Michael Elmer

Vincent Anthony Matriano
you're the one who's dumb,
try using your touch screen smartphone in a jeepney in quiapo manila, let's see what happens 😎

Comment from : Vincent Anthony Matriano

Lizard Slipper
say... What if I'm not super bothered by Google having my stuff? I'm part of that generation that was grown used to it but I want to not have social media apps, but just be able to text, call, yknow, the works. Would that 4G nokia work simply for that?
Comment from : Lizard Slipper

Authority can Suck it with Authority
Personally I am of the thinking we shpuld be aggressively assuming control of the old pay phone lines!
They are still intact and could be used to develop a free phone system

Comment from : Authority can Suck it with Authority

Authority can Suck it with Authority
Please stop supporting AMAZON!
Do your homework then tell me just how much you wish to make purchases supporting the Totalitarian State you are attempting to exclude your life from!

Comment from : Authority can Suck it with Authority

Michael Bertucci
this is really stupid
Comment from : Michael Bertucci

Nancy Paffrath
My wall phone works just fine.
Comment from : Nancy Paffrath

mark fenter
im thinking of converting an old couch or bus and go back to living on the road. its getting too mad
Comment from : mark fenter

Screw it, I'm just going to use two tin cans and a string
Comment from : Josh

Don't buy smart TV either, it's even worst, buy non-smart and make it as smart as you please with a RasPi that you completely own and control. :)
Comment from : mrtorpedor

Ubuntu phone maybe? Any other FOSS will offer you choice to gut the system as you please. Or root the damn phone and filter out unapproved uploads.
Comment from : mrtorpedor

Darrell Knox
Thanks Scott appreciate your research very much..!
Comment from : Darrell Knox

Aleksandar Grozdanoski
There is a 4G version of 3310 released in 2018 which, compared to 8110, doesn't seem to include the KaiOS. At least according to gsmarena.com. According to the Wikipedia article, it features YunOS.
Comment from : Aleksandar Grozdanoski

Lizardo Foz
So if everybody put a piece of tape on their phone with the # on it, and on a certain day
or any random time, started exchanging phones with strangers and friends, frequently, randomly
what would that do to googles mind?

Comment from : Lizardo Foz

Tommi Korhonen
There are some tiny, non-Google OSes. I'm lucky enough to own a Jolla Sailfish phone. It is an offspring of Nokia Meego phones, and quite capable even as a smart phone. It is Linux based separate OS, and doesn't have Google (or USA or China) connection. It would not be 100% spook free, since a smart OS might be possible to hack. And even then it has quite strong capability, even up to the point of having a (third party) WhatsApp application (which WhatsApp will disconnect when they detect that it is not coming from a regular Android...!). But just to give an example of its abilities.
I bet there are other forked OSes. You can currently get a Sailfish by flashing a Sony Xperia.

Comment from : Tommi Korhonen

Truck 909
Like the education , those things good to know, thanks
Comment from : Truck 909

Between these vids and the tribble and the feminist Alexa you have a new follower tonight! I dug my (3G) Nokia E71 out of the drawer last year & it's been running great (QWERTY keyboard!). Won't be supported forever but calls, SMS, MMS, all work great. 10 years ago was the most advanced phone on the market. Fortunately my provider (Mint Mobile in US) support team has been friendly & hasn't pushed me around about it either. My two cents to add, if you do go for a legacy phone, in the old days the advice was to always buy the OEM battery. But now that they aren't made any more, they're all counterfeit now, or past their shelf life, so buy third party so you have someone who's actually standing behind their brand name. I found a German company called Polarcell that works great. Also I have a feeling you would dig the "No Agenda" podcast. Just a hunch!

Good talk I just gave up using my dumb phone with Consumer cellular I bought recon flip phone for $15 delivered! It had most features as yours but only water resistant not as good. Used this cell about 2 years with my wife suggesting me to upgrade because of them daily robo calls I got then in Nov I buy a recon Moto e5 play smart phone $70 . Ended them stupid robo calls that day!
Comment from : Don

Choose 3310. The new one. But 2g
Comment from : abadiqaisy123

You're not selling it mate.....
Comment from : spandon

Rotary Dial...HERE I COME!
Comment from : DDLP

Melody Flower
Librem 5...what do you think of this alternative?
Comment from : Melody Flower

John Smith
You just answered all my questions. 1st Buy a Nokia 3310 here in America, use until it doesn’t work on the system anymore. When it ceases to work, toss it and rely on landline exclusively. I REFUSE TO SUBMIT TO USING 5G, even though I know that 70% of the population will bombard me with their 5G EMF. At least I can try and keep my home as safe as possible, .......until they make me take a Smart Meter and start giving me and my family: cancer, headaches, nosebleeds, insomnia, high blood pressure, brain fog, and cardiac arrest.
Comment from : John Smith

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