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In sexual play, the developmental level of the participants should be similar, and the activity should occur without coercion. The history should also note if the victim is menstruating or not. Referral for psychologic services is important because victims of abuse are more likely to have depression, anxiety disorders, behavioral problems and post-traumatic stress disorder. This is a confusing question. You can find pictures with a search engine. Utilize the wisdom of crowds to help you make the most informed health care decisions. Usually, only in cases of alleged sexual assault upon girls and women do we physicians engage in the careful examination of hymens, collecting evidence of physical damage to be used later in courts of law.

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There a lot of blood vessels in the vagina.

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The hymen can be torn by trauma, during masterbation or sex. These centers often include social services, law enforcement agencies, legal services and medical evaluation. The catheter is inserted into the vagina, the balloon is inflated and, with mild retraction, the hymen is stretched Figure 5. Another issue is the importance of caution when the alleged perpetrator of abuse is a parent or step-parent. Without an examination there is no good way to answer this. Results of a physical examination will be within normal limits in 80 percent of child victims of sexual abuse.

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doctor checking hymen of p u s s
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doctor checking hymen of p u s s
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